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The officers who serve on the Executive Board are elected by the senate in different terms. The President, President-Elect and Past President each serve two-year terms. The Officer-at-Large, Membership Secretary, and Recording Secretary elections are held every Senate year before the last spring meeting. Following is information and contacts for each of the officers serving during the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Academic Senate meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month during the academic year. 

2013-2014 Academic Senate meeting schedule 

Mary Ann Valentino - President            



  1. To preside at meetings of the Senate and of the Executive Board.
  2. To represent the Senate and faculty at college and district wide meetings, public meetings, the State Academic Senate meetings, and other occasions which require a public spokesperson to represent the faculty within the scope of Senate activities.
  3. To appoint other members of the Senate to represent it when the President and President-Elect are unavailable.
  4. To serve as an ex-officio member of all committees unless the Senate otherwise limits committee membership.
  5. To direct correspondence, issues, and communication to the appropriate committees.
  6. To issue agendas developed by the Executive Board.
  7. To issue calls to meetings and to keep appropriate records.
  8. To manage any clerical support personnel.
  9. To appoint senators to special projects in lieu of committee assignments

Wendell Stephenson- President Elect


  1. If the President is absent, to serve as President.
  2. To do other duties as assigned by the President and Executive Board.


Linda DeKruif- Past President


  1. To assist the President with current duties.
  2. To do other duties as assigned by the President and Executive Board.


Kerry Ybarra - Curriculm Committee Chair


  1. To attend Senate and Executive Board meetings.
  2. To report to the Senate on the activities of the Curriculum Committee.

Karin Gruet - Membership Secretary



  1. To keep a roster of all senators for the current academic year and to take attendance at all Senate meetings.
  2. To notify any subdivision at FCC if it is not fully represented on the Senate.
  3. To generate a list of active members of the Senate for the Sabbatical Leave Committee, for the division deans, and for whomsoever else may have need of such information.
  4. To serve as chair of the Senate Elections Committee.
  5. To do other duties as assigned by the President and Executive Board

Sarah Velasquez - Officer at Large

The duties of the Officer-at-Large shall be determined by the President and Executive Board

Paula Demanett - Recording Secretary


  1. To keep and distribute the minutes of the Senate.
  2. To do other duties as assigned by the President and Executive Board. 




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