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Q & A With Tony Caviglia

What is Tony Caviglia's philosophy of coaching?

Football, in a way, teaches some of the skills needed to succeed in life. Our program teaches young men how to work hard to achieve success. Also, we will learn how to accept responsibility and be accountable for their actions. Football is a very tough game; and to be good you must work very hard. And that's what it takes to succed in life.

Who is the role model that inspired you to become a football coach?

I think my father was a role model. He has given me the guidance through my life to reach my goals and be the best I can be. In regards to football, my high school coach Al Vermeil (brother of former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil), was very instrumental in turning my direction to the game. I think he is one of the persons in my life that kept me on the straight and narrow by guiding me towards football.

What are your team goals?

  • Goal number one is to be a class team with unity and character.
  • Our second goal is for our student-athletes to get enough units to transfer to a four-year college whether or not they need an associate degree.
  • Our third goal is to win the Valley Conference championship, the state championship and the national championship.

Our first two goals have nothing to do with winning or losing. It's about attitudes and the team as a whole as well as the importance of academics.

What is the common goal of your coaching staff?

Number one, we're committed to helping our football players as student-athletes go on to four-year colleges. Each coach is committed to doing that through the academic and athletic progress of each player. 

Getting your college degree is our number 1 priority and mission!  Playing football well will hopefully get it paid for!

What work ethic do you expect from your team on and off the playing field?

We have three rules for players to live by and these rules can be applied to the classroom, their job, relationships, and definitely to the football program.

  1. Be on time, all the time.  Really, if you are on time you are probably late.  So be early! 
  2. Do your best and a little bit more. We expect our players to work hard and give everything they've got, even when they don't feel like it. Having a positive attitude and great effort is expected.
  3. Treat others with respect.  As you wish to be treated!

If they can learn to do these three things, they're going to have a chance to be successful in life.

As a parent, if you had a son who was a potential candidate to play at FCC, what would be the key selling point(s) over other community colleges?

I've been to a lot of community colleges, and I've recruited community colleges when I was at the four-year level. Fresno City College has the best mix of academics and athletics of any college in the state.

The support we receive from President Carole Goldsmith, Eric Swain, and the other administrators on campus is phenomenal. This is a great place for student-athletes to come into a situation where they're going to be given the opportunity to excel academically and athletically.

Our tutoring and academic support system at the Learning Resource Center are second to none in the state.

What is your opinion of the local high school talent?

I think the Central Valley is one of the best regions of football in the state. The talent we have available to us at Fresno City College is tremendous. The players are well coached and prepared. That in itself is a testament to the level of coaching we have in our high schools. Because of this we get players that are ready to take on college football.

What can you say about the strength of the Valley Conference?

The Valley Conference is one of the toughest, if not the toughest conference, in the state. We are one of three conferences in northern California that have the ability to win the State Championship.   I predict that Valley Conference play this year will be a dogfight every week.


Last updated: 1/19/2017 2:52:16 PM