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Student Success Program

IDILE is an academic and community-mentoring program that focuses on African American students, but will accept all students. The program provides services and support to help insure students transfer to a four year school be it a U.C. system or a CSU system. This is done in part by combining an English 125 college writing course with an English 126, College Reading course, and English 1A, Composition course, math 1, elementary algebra course, along with two African American study courses, a career planning course, and a study skills course. If the student is transferring to a CSU school, then the student will meet fifteen units of required courses in the CSU system. If the student is transferring to a U.C. system school then the student will meet the writing portion, the humanities portion, and the study skills portion of the transfer program. These classes begin to prepare the students for life in the college environment.

How to Register

Granville Redmond, Idile Office E, located on the second floor of the Student Services Building.  Phone Number: (559) 442-8226 ext. 8643 E-mail:

Counseling Center: room 213, located on the second floor of the Student Services Building. Phone Number: (559) 442-8226 ext. 8226

IDILE Office: Office E, located on the second floor of the Student Services Building. Phone Number: (559) 442-8226 ext 8643.

IDILE is a yearlong program in terms of length of time. When students come to the end of their year in the IDILE Program, the counselor plans their schedule for the next academic year while they are at Fresno City College. Again, the counselor wants to be assured that the student is remaining on track to transfer. While a student is in the IDILE Program, they receive specialized teaching, counseling, and mentoring to help them to become successful. The counselor, during the entire year that the student spends in the IDILE Program, is committed to assuring that the student will transfer. The counselor performs such duties as assisting with the transfer application, assisting with filling out the financial aid application, and reminding students of the dates to turn in their applications. The counselor might also write letters of recommendations on behalf of students to assist them in getting into a particular school. In some cases the counselor becomes active in communicating verbally with the receiving schools.

IDILE has its own specialized instructors that teach the IDILE experience. We provide study groups that directly increase a student's performance in their educational experience. The study groups focuses on the IDILE classes, but will also include classes that students are currently taking. Students are required to participate in five hours of study group a week. These study groups will involve other students sharing their skills with each other, combined with the counselor's experience. The IDILE counselor participates in the African American Studies.

What is the IDILE Experience? This is an opportunity for students to build camaraderie with peers and develop relationships with mentor. IDILE students assume leadership roles in the classroom and in the community.

Program Highlights Includes

  • Leadership courses designed to build self-esteem, and to promote academic success
  • Guest speakers and specialty workshops
  • Field trips
  • Study groups
  • Mentoring by local business and industry leaders
  • Specially trained Counselors and instructors committed to helping you succeed at FCC.


Fall Semester

  • English 125: College Writing Skills
  • English 126: College Reading Skills
  • African American Studies 1: African American Culture
  • Guidance Studies 47A: College Study Skills

Spring Semester

  • English 1A: Writing and Composition
  • African American Studies 3: African American Art
  • Math 101: Elementary Algebra
  • Guidance Studies 48: Career Planning

In order to become eligible for the program, you must:
  • Take an English and Math placement test
  • Test at English 125 and English 126 levels
  • Complete a program application
  • Be interviewed by the IDILE Counselor
  • Be recommended to the program by a community leader
  • Enroll in the IDILE program for a year
  • Enroll in all IDILE classes
  • Attend study groups five hours per week
  • Meet with the IDILE Counselor throughout the semester and complete a student educational plan
  • Meet with Mentors monthly during the semester
  • Have an interest in transferring to a four-year university
  • Have an interest in community, family, education and be committed to the African American experience

The IDILE Team

The IDILE team is committed to providing students the best education possible. We are dedicated to assuring that our students will move on to a four-year college and be successful. We assist them in meeting their maximum potentials. We are the guides to the road for success.

Granville Redmond is the IDILE Program Coordinator.

Kehinde Solwazi is the African American Studies Instructor, and has been employed by the district for over twenty-nine years. He has traveled to Africa, has been a guest speaker at various workshops, and each day a new student brings him a new challenge.

Gennean Brown is the English Writing Instructor. She demands the best from our students. She insists on quality work from them. She pushes her students to become better writers, because she feels that writing is the essence for success. Ms. Brown says, "I am a language person"; she also speaks Spanish.

James Ross is our Mathematics Instructor. He brings over fifteen years of experience to the program. He works well with students, and is committed to their success.

Granville Redmond is the program counselor, and he is responsible for the everyday functions of the program.

  • If you want to know
  • Which way to go
  • Then IDILE is the program
  • To which you should go
  • All of your questions
  • Are answered there
  • The program coordinator will handle you with care
  • You'll get your counseling and mentoring too
  • Is what the program has to offer?
  • This program is designed
  • To help you achieve
  • You can do well
  • But you must believe
  • Believe in yourself
  • Do your best
  • Shoot for the top
  • Don't settle for less.

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