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United Southeast Asian-American Academic Program

Fresno City College is comprised of a significantly large number of Southeast Asian-American students, and this trend is expected to continue to grow. Many of them are the first in their families to attend college. Fresno City College can play a vital role in helping to stabilize the rapid changes in the Southeast Asian-American communities.

The Southeast Asian-American Experience

USEAA09During the conflict in Southeast Asia, the people of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam fought with the United States against communism. When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, hundreds of thousands of people left their homelands and became refugees. Many of them settled in various regions in the United States. Currently, there are thousands of Southeast Asian refugees residing in the Central Valley.

About the USEAA Program

USEAA01USEAA (pronounced "you see ah") is an acronym for United Southeast Asian-Americans. This reflects the ethnically diverse and unified student body served by the program. Established in the fall of 1999, the USEAA Academic Program at Fresno City College is a joint collaboration between the English Department and the Counseling Center. The program’s goals are to assist students in the transfer process and to increase the number of Southeast Asian-American students transferring to four-year universities. Although it has a special emphasis on Southeast Asian cultures and experiences, the program is open to students of all ethnicities.

What Do We Provide?

USEAA13USEAA offers English 125, 126, 1A and Counseling (COUN) 53 and COUN 48. The English classes are designed to help students learn effective reading, writing, analytic, and research skills. COUN  53 and  48 classes are designed to address study habits, note-taking skills, career exploration and planning. English 1A satisfies the English requirement for the baccalaureate degree, and COUN 53 and 48 are transferable elective units. Refer to Fresno City College catalog for specific course descriptions.

The USEAA counselor is available to provide USEAA students with ongoing counseling support throughout the academic year. This includes academic and transfer planning, career, and personal counseling. The counselor is dedicated to helping students succeed.

USEAA11Other services include, but not limited to:
  • Mentoring support and study groups
  • Referrals for students with special needs
  • Book Grants (based on funding)
  • Field Trips to UC and CSU campuses
  • Motivational Guest Speakers

How Does A Student Benefit?
  • Participate in a class environment designed to help students excel academically.
  • Receive individualized assistance for academic advice and transfer planning.
  • Gain empowerment by support from faculty, staff, and professionals from the community.
  • Develop a meaningful and fulfilling college experience.
  • Gain access to many campus and community resources.

Who Is Eligible?

This is a year-long program. Any student who meets the following criteria is a potential USEAA student:
  • Plans to transfer to a four-year university or institution
  • Is eligible for English 125, 126, and willing to enroll in all required courses including Counseling courses for two consecutive semesters (fall and spring)
  • Is willing to participate in activities sponsored by the program

About the Faculty and Staff

USEAA10The USEAA team is comprised of dedicated faculty members from the Counseling Center and the English Department. They want to establish a good rapport with students and create an environment where students can trust, share, and learn. They bring unique expertise and experience from their fields to help USEAA students succeed in higher education.

For more information about USEAA Academic Program, please contact:


Tchay Her, Program Counselor 
Joh Nouanesymanivanh, Program Counselor
USEAA Office- 2nd Floor in the OAB, Room 272
(559) 442-4600, ext. 8639

Kami Thepphavong, Counselor/Coordinator

(559) 443-8608                                                                                          

Lee Herrick, English Instructor

(559) 442-4600, ext. 8105

Soul Vang, English Instructor

Karen Crocket, English Instructor
(559)442-4600, ext. 8082

Gail McCabe, English Instructor                                                                                                

Or write to:
USEAA Academic Program
Attn: Kami Thepphavong
1101 E. University Ave. 
Fresno, CA 93741

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