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The associate degree in dance provides a base of training in dance technique and practical experience in concert performance and production work, as well as theoretical background in dance composition. Possible careers include choreographer*, dance director, dance historian*, dancer, dance teacher*, dance therapist*, fitness/aerobics instructor, movement notator, performer, reconstructor, and recreation leader.

*Bachelor degree or higher required.

TOTAL UNITS REQUIRED...........................................33-37


class COURSE TITLE units
DANCE 9 or PE 17 Dance Conditioning or Hatha Yoga 1


Beginning Modern Dance 1
DANCE 12 or DANCE 13* Ballet/Intermediate Ballet 2
DANCE 14 or DANCE 15* Beg/Int Jazz Dance Technique 1
DANCE 20A Modern Dance Composition 3
DANCE20B Intermediate Modern Dance Composition 3
DANCE 21 Dance Workshop Performance 2-4
DANCE 22  Dance Theatre Performance 2-4
DANCE 28 Intermediate Modern Dance 1
DANCE 30 Dance Appreciation 3
MUS 3 Music Fundamentals 3



* Class level dependent on entry-level experience.

Note: The associate degree additionally requires the completing of the requirements listed on pages 33-35 of the 2010-2012 Catalog with a 2.0 or better GPA.

Students planning a career in dance upon leaving Fresno City College are urged to complete additional courses in physical education, music, and theatre arts.


MUS 12 Music Appreciation 3
PE 20 Athletic Training 4
At least one (1) of the following courses:
TA 12 Fundamentals of Interpretation 3
TA 41 Beginning Acting 3
At least four (4) units from:
TA 26 Theatre Crafts II 3
TA 27B Introduction Lighting Design 4
TA 28 Introduction to Stage Makeup 2
TA 35 Costume Crafts 3

Most four-year colleges and universities will require a dance audition to determine level of placement upon transfer. An effective program of study can best be obtained by consulting directly with the department of the target institution as early as possible.

COURSE OPTIONS: Select 13 Units

class  COURSE TITLE units
ART 2 Art Appreciation 3
ART 3 Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART 4 Three-Dimensional Design 3
BIOL 20 Human Anatomy 4
DANCE 9 Dance Conditioning 1
DANCE 10 Modern Dance 1
DANCE 11 Introduction to Social Dance 1
DANCE 12 Beginning Ballet 1
DANCE 13 Intermediate Ballet 1
DANCE 14 Beginning Jazz Dance Technique 1
DANCE 15 Intermediate Jazz Dance 1
DANCE 16 Beginning Tap Dance 1
DANCE 17 Beginning Mexican Folklorico Dance 4
DANCE 18 Intermediate Tap Dance 1
DANCE 21 Dance Workshop Performance 2-4
DANCE 22 Dance Theatre Performance 2-4
DANCE 27 Advanced Mexican Folklorico Dance 4
MUS 12 Music Appreciation 3
PE 17 Hatha Yoga 1
PE 20 Athletic Training 4

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