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English as a Second Language/Linguistics

Sally Potter
Department Chair
Office: FO-8
(559) 442-4600 ext. 8104

Instructors:  Jean Carroll, Sylvie Huneault-Schultze, Debbie Ockey, Sally Potter, Rick Santos, Patti VanVleet

English as a Second Language

The ESL program is designed for students whose native language is not English. The program assists students to acquire the necessary English language skills to succeed in AA/AS degree programs, vocational programs and university transfer courses offered at Fresno City College. The ESL Department offers you:

  • Four levels of English language courses starting from high beginning through advanced.
  • Online ESL reading classes
  • Faculty who has lived, studied and taught abroad in countries such as Japan, Thailand, China, Hungary, Brazil, France, England, Canada, Egypt, Spain, Senegal, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Learning communities that link ESL classes with other content classes.
  • Classes that emphasize the English needed for specific careers and majors, such as, Child Development and Health.
  • Transfer elective credit to CSU for advanced level reading and writing classes(ESL 67 and ESL 68).
  • Pronunciation/accent reduction class.
  • A state-of-the-art ESL/Lingusistics computer lab.
  • Vocational ESL classes for applied technology majors
  • Smart classrooms

ESL/Linguistics Computer Lab

The E.S.L. Department Instructional Computer Lab is located in Language Arts #123. The lab was designed to offer state-of-the-art technology to enhance and facilitate the curriculum and to meet the needs of our students and instructors. ESL students use such software programs as Passport to College Reading, Paragraph Punch and Inspiration in the language lab. All ESL classes are supported by Blackboard. Most ESL classes are scheduled in the lab at least one class hour per week. Additionally, there are 'walk-in' lab hours scheduled for students.


Students earn college credit (units) in all ESL/Linguistics program courses. ESL 67 and 68 fulfill part of the general education requirements for the AA/AS degrees (for students admitted to the college before Fall 2009) and are transferable electives to the CSU campuses. ESL 67 and 68 establish eligibility for English 1A. Refer to college catalog. 

ESL Class Level Placement

Initial placement in ESL course offerings is the result of language testing and other criteria. Please call (559) 442-8282 for placement test dates and times.


Linguistics program offers students and introduction to the fundamental concepts of language and linguistics. Linguistics courses prepare students for the fields of education and communication. Future teachers in particular, need to have a familiarity with linguistics concepts. All teachers will encounter students with different dialectal and language backgrounds. Therefore, they much have sensitivity to and awareness of these differences and be prepared to asist student in their language development.

The program is comprised of three courses:

3 units, 3 lecture hours

PREREQUISITE: Eligibility for English 125 and 126 or English 153 or ESL 67 and 68.
The principles of English grammatical structure, punctuation, morphology,
and spelling. (A, CSU, UC)

3 units, 3 lecture hours
PREREQUISITE: Eligibility for English 125 and 126 or English 153 or ESL 67 and 68.

ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended.

Examination of the nature of language, its historical development, its
structural elements, and the stages of language acquisition. emphasis on
systematic linguistic description of language knowledge and usage. Recommended
for liberal studies majors. (A, CSU-Ge, UC, I)

3 units, 3 lecture hours
PREREQUISITE: Eligibility for English 125 and 126 or English 153 or ESL 67 and 68.

ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended.

Examination of the nature, history, development and acquisition of language and its structural elements. Emphasis on how language is used and learned. Contrastive analysis of English with other commonly spoken languages of the area. Special focus on the relationship between linguistic
structure and the development of reading and writing. (A, CSU)

The Linguistics 10 and 11 courses have similar content. THe linguistic 11 course was designed with CSU Fresno faculty as a degree requirement in the university's blended credential program.

Both Linguistics 10 and 11 satisfy Area C- Humanities degree requirement; LInguistics 10 satifies Area C- Humanties transfer requirement for CSU and UC; Linguistics 11 satisfies a major requirement for CSU Fresno's blended credential.



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