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Cultural & Women’s Studies

African-American Studies - Major #764
The objectives of the African-American Studies program at Fresno City College are:

  1. To assist all students to appreciate the culture and achievements of African-Americans.
  2. To assist all students to develop an awareness and an appreciation of African culture and its influence on America.
  3. To help students learn about themselves and their heritage and promote a secure identity and motivation to achieve.
  4. To promote the development of self-acceptance enabling students to relate to others effectively and meaningfully.
  5. To enable students to identify with higher education and the environment, resulting in a sense of pride in their heritage and culture.
  6. To provide training in research methods enabling students to carry out meaningful research and to discover the true needs and aspirations of the African-American community.

Courses In African-American Studies

American Indian Studies - Major #768
Fresno City College is located in an area that is rich in the history and contemporary cultures of American Indians. California has the highest American-Indian population in the United States, and there are fourteen reservations in our immediate area. American Indiana Studies exists to serve Indian and non-Indian students who will be working in any service field, academic or social institution. The program leading in the associate in arts degree will also provide a foundation in American Indiana Studies for students wishing to pursue a higher degree in the subject at a four-year university. In recent years, several graduate programs have begun in American-Indian Studies at universities in California and elsewhere. 

Courses In American Indian Studies

The Associate of Arts Degree in American-Indian Studies requires twenty-three units as follows:

Required Core Courses Units
AMIND 31 American Indian Culture 3
AMIND 32 American Indian History 3
AMIND 33 Indians of the San Joaquin Valley 2
AMIND 34 American Indian Contemporary Society 3
AMIND 35 American Indian Art 3


Course Options: Select a Minimum of 9 Units
ANTHRO 14 Folklore 3
ANTHRO 20 California Indians 3
ANTHRO 28 Ancient Mexico 3
AFRAM 5 The African in the New World 3
GEOG 2 Cultural Geography 3

Asian-American Studies -

Courses in Asian-American Studies

Chicano-Latino Studies
This program is designed to focus on Mexican-American history, heritage, and culture. Chicano-Latino Studies offers a broad interdisciplinary approach to the study of society and culture. The curriculum provides students with the strong academic background helpful to those planning careers in law, health, education, social work, business, and industry. Chicano-Latino Studies provides the knowledge and skills necessary to help students understand, communicate, and appreciate the rich cultural diversity in American society through the study of the Mexican-American community.

Courses In Chicano-Latino Studies

Women's Studies - Major #761
One of the most remarkable social changes in American in recent decades has been the dramatic increase in participation by women in virtually every aspect of business, education, government, etc. In recognition of important role that women have always had in society Fresno City College offers a major in Women's Studies consisting of twenty units.

This is a transfer program designed to inform students of the historical and contemporary issues affecting women's lives. Women's Studies offers a broad interdisciplinary approach to the study of women in society including their contrasting roles circumscribed by their culture and social institutions, their opportunities for self expression, achievement and self actualization, their relationships with parents, peers, intimates and children, and their concern for survival in a violent-prone society. Because Women's Studies is interdisciplinary, it also provides an academic background helpful to those planning careers in law, business, education and medicine.

Courses In Women's Studies

American Studies

Courses In American Studies

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