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Integrated Planning

The integrated planning process at Fresno City College (FCC) begins with the consideration of the college’s mission, vision, and core values. They are the overarching concepts that are considered at all steps of the planning process.

The integrated planning process is continuous and determines planning priorities. An idea can be entered at almost any time in the process. The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) is the college’s governance body with broad constituent representation.

The responsibilities of the SPC include: establishing college goals and objectives, establishing priorities for planning and resources, and monitoring the progress towards the completion of college goals and objectives.

Integrated Planning Handbook

Integrated Planning Flowchart

Description of Integrated Planning Process

Strategic Plan/Annual Priority Goals by SPC
Every year the SPC reviews the college’s strategic plan, the district’s strategic plan, and the
college’s mission, vision, and core values. After considering the evaluation of the implementation
of current year’s college annual priority goals, the SPC determines the next year’s college annual
priority goals. The strategic plan is considered a revolving strategic plan with revisions every two
years based on the changing environment and success of the previous strategic plan.

Unit Priority Goals
The SPC informs the college community of the next year’s college annual priority goals and
requests the college units to identify their unit priority goals. Units consider their program reviews,
student learning outcomes, and unit mission statements (if available) to determine how the unit will
address the annual priority goals. Units determine if resources are needed to implement the
priority goals. If resources are needed, units develop action plans for submissions through the
approval process. If no resources are needed, units develop unit strategies.

Action Plans
Action plans are developed when there is an impact on budget, human resources, facilities,
technology, or other campus-wide resources. Action plans can have a broad campus wide impact
when multiple units are working together. The units involved submit action plans to the Strategic
Planning Council for consideration.

Program Review Recommendations (If Available)
If action plans were supported by Program Review Committee recommendations, the
recommendations are communicated in the submission of action plans. If the ideas requested in
action plans are newly identified needs and not included in current Program Reviews, units can still
submit action plans for consideration.

Advisory Committee Resource Allocation Recommendations
Action plans are then reviewed by the appropriate Fresno City College Advisory Committees which
include: Budget Advisory Committee, Campus-wide Staff Development Coordinating Committee,
College Governance Review Committee, Distance Education Committee, Enrollment Management
Committee, Environmental Health & Safety Committee, Facilities Committee, Human Resources
Committee, Outcomes & Assessment Committee, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Committee, and Technology Advisory Committee. The advisory committees submit their
recommendations for the appropriate resource allocations requested in the action plans to the

SPC Approval Process
The SPC reviews the submitted action plans, Program Review Committee recommendations and
the FCC Advisory Committee resource allocation recommendations to make a decision on the
approval of the action plan. Each action plan has a first and second consideration by the SPC
before approval or denial.

Unit Strategies
If additional resources are not needed, each unit identifies what strategies they will implement to
move forward the college annual priority goals. The unit strategies are entered into the college’s
Strategic Planning Database. This database is available for the entire college community to

Units implement their action plans and unit strategies throughout the year.

Progress Reports to SPC
Action plan progress reports are submitted directly to the SPC at the end of each academic year
until the action plan is fully implement. Midterm and year-end unit strategy reports are entered in
the strategic planning database. Composite unit strategy implementation reports are considered
by the SPC.

The SPC evaluates strategic planning at Fresno City College by reviewing the college’s
Educational Master Plan, Program Review Committee recommendations, student learning
outcomes reports, environmental scans conducted by the Institutional Research, Assessment and
Planning Office, unit strategy and action plan reports, and FCC Advisory Committee reports. The
SPC then conducts SWOT/PEST analyses. This information is used when determining the next
years college annual priority goals or revising the strategic plan. 

FCC Integrated Planning Handbook March 2011 Page 7
Accepted by SPC: March 24, 2011

Last updated: 6/15/2011 9:25:23 AM