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Important things you should know

Things to keep in mind regarding your GI Bill and academic success

Progress and Attendance Policies

Veterans and eligible dependents are required to show satisfactory progress. Minimum standards, established by the college, require that all students comply with satisfactory progress policies (refer to page 18).

The Veterans Administration will be notified of any veteran who has been dismissed as not making satisfactory progress. The Veterans Services Office will only certify a veteran when the veteran has completed the necessary questionnaire for requesting reinstatement of VA benefits. It is recommended that veterans contact a college counselor for help with this questionnaire. For further information, contact Veterans Services, Student Services building, lower level, Counter B.

To continue receiving veterans' benefits, the student must have on file at Fresno City College an official transcript from each college attended by the end of the first semester at Fresno City College. A veteran is not entitled to receive pay for a class for which a "W" or an "NC" grade has been assigned. The VA will require that the money be paid back for such classes. A veteran must state a declared major for the VA upon completing two semesters in order to maintain eligibility for veteran's benefits.

Veterans who have completed 45 units at Fresno City College and/or elsewhere must obtain a degree evaluation from the Admissions and Records Office. Applications for degree evaluations are to be completed in the Admissions and Records Office, Counter A.

Veterans and eligible dependents have the responsibility to notify the veterans office whenever a change in program, address or dependents is made. All veterans/dependents are urged to contact the veterans office regularly in order to be aware of the various changes in VA rules and regulations which may occur during the school year.

Academic Limitations

Veterans/dependents attending Fresno City College who have earned a degree and/or have attempted sixty (60) or more units can only be certified for those courses which are either required to complete their degree objective at Fresno City College or meet a prerequisite for that requirement. Except in those cases where vocational work experience is required for the degree being pursued by the veteran, veterans with 60 or more units may not be certified for it.

Veterans enrolled in vocational work experience must be engaged in work which is directly related to the veteran's major as declared with the VA. General work experience is not payable under any circumstances. Apprenticeship courses are payable under certain conditions. Also, veterans must enroll in and complete at least six units during the regular semester or two units during the summer session in order to be eligible for VA educational payments.

Finally, a veteran may be certified to repeat a class for which a grade of "D" or better has been assigned only if the better grade is required as a prerequisite for the approved program.

Last updated: 1/24/2013 11:27:54 AM