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Submitting Web Page Changes

                                                                                   Request for Website Modification Form

New Website!!

You may be contacted regarding GatherContent, the tool we are using to organize our content for the new system. 

Do you use social media?  If you do, please fill out the following form so that your social media is included in the new website.



 If you need help doing more than general entry to your web pages....


1 Changing web pages

1.1 Take a screen shot or print out web page

Use the snipping tool or your favorite screen shot clipper and make a picture of the page you want changed. To find the snipping tool, press the Windows start button and enter "snipping tool" in the search bar.  If you prefer you can print out the page and write on it.  Be sure to include the breadcrumbs (the grayed out top portion that shows which menu was used to get to the page), and the page number (in the URL after ).

Webpage screen shot

1.2 Mark up screen shot with changes

Write on the page all of the changes, deletions, or additions you want. If the whole page needs to be deleted, state clearly whether it is the whole page or a portion of the page to be deleted. If you want a complete overhaul of the page, state that on the screen shot and include a typed page displaying exactly what you want.



2 New Pages

2.1 Breadcrumbs

Clarify where in the menu the new page should be placed.

Ex: For Students -> Admissions and Records -> New Page Name

2.2 Example page.

State whether you are going to create the page or if you need help. If you need help, send a detailed, typed page displaying what you want including photos or any other extras.

2.3 Email necessary attachments.

If the page will include links to pages to viewed or downloaded, photos, or any other attachments that you need help with, email them.



3 Extras

3.1 Facebook

If your department has a Facebook page and want a like button, share button, or Facebook feed displayed, send the URL of the Facebook page. If you want a feed displayed, then you must make sure that your Facebook page has the permissions set to public with no filters or restrictions. To check your page to see if it is ready for a feed:

Be logged out of Facebook

Type in the URL of page or of page

The page should be visible. Be prepared to share your log in information to allow the feed. For just a “like” or “share” button, log in information is not necessary.

3.2 Twitter

Provide the link to the Twitter page. State whether you want a Twitter button or a Twitter feed. For an example of a twitter feed see

3.3 PDF

If you would like a pdf to be displayed in the screen, email the pdf as an attachment, along with the page screen shot of where you would like the pdf displayed. For an example see

3.4 Video/Photos

Please submit as attachments if you need assistance ensuring they are optimized for the web.



4 Submission Form

Please fill out the Request for Website Modifications form.  Changes are made on a first come, first serve basis.  Placement is based upon receipt of the form.  Be sure to email any necessary attachments.

Last updated: 5/11/2016 4:03:44 PM