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The Early Alert System is now available for faculty referrals. The Early Alert System is designed as a timely intervention for those students that instructors believe are experiencing academic difficulties within their respective courses. The program provides instructional and counseling faculty with a collaborative opportunity to identify the needs of these students, and then assist them to access carefully identified support services.

Below are the program specifics and instructions.

  1. Click on the following link: 
  2. The Early Alert System can also be accessed from one of three venues.
    • The Faculty & Staff tab on the Fresno City College web site 
    • The Faculty Info tab on Blackboard 
    • The Faculty tab on Web Advisor
  3. Logon utilizing your faculty user name and password, (e.g., tg000 followed by your assigned password. (These are assigned by Technology Support Services)
  4. From the Early Alert Information Screen click on “Continue” located at the lower right hand corner of the page 
  5. Once in the EA referral site enter the student’s FCC student identification number. The remaining information will automatically populate 
  6. You can also select multiple students’ names if you have several who are experiencing similar concerns. Simply click on the “Course Number” drop down menu.
  7. You can also enter your Name/Course Information. This should automatically take you to your course rosters. 
  8. Select from among the concerns provided (see the list below). Each concern is automatically linked to specific Student Service areas. You have the option to include a message to the student as well as to the service area(s). Additional information provided to the service area(s) will assist in their provision of specific services. 
  9. You can then “Submit” the completed form to the system. 
  10. Emails are automatically generated and sent from the Early Alert System. 
    • The student receives an email alerting them that they have been referred, the name of the instructor who made the referral, the course information, and a list of recommended services to access.
    • The student receives a second email from the Early Alert Counselor 
    • The Early Alert Counselor receives an email regarding the referred student, the name of the referring instructor, the course information, and the list of concerns as indicated by the instructor. 
    • Instructors will receive an email confirming each of their referrals.

The following is a list of concerns from which you can select:

  • Child Care 
  • Excessive Absences (3 or more) 
  • Failed an Exam 
  • Failing Course 
  • Financial Concerns 
  • Learning Disability 
  • Missed Assignments 
  • Personal Issues 
  • Subject Matter Comprehension 
  • Work Related 
  • Reading /Writing Deficiencies

Below are the service areas to which students will be referred based on identified concerns.

  • Child Development Center 
  • Counseling
  • DSP&S 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Psychological Services 
  • Tutorial 
  • Writing/Reading Center

Instructors can follow-up on their students by logging back into the EA System and entering the students’ identification number, then clicking on “View.” As instructors continue to track their students’ progress in their respective classes please be certain to contact the EA Counselor if there is no change in their academic standing; or you can make another referral.

For best results please submit the form between the third and seventh week of the semester. This will allow the Early Alert Counselor, service areas, and support programs to address academic and/or personal concerns within a timeframe that is most conducive to student success. However, the Early Alert System will remain open the entire semester. Students can be confronted with challenges that require intervention at any point of the semester. It’s critical to have this intervention in place at all times.

I am available to meet with your Division or Department to provide an in-service regarding the use of the Early Alert system. I would also like to thank-you in advance for your dedication in supporting students and for your collaboration.

Early Alert Counselor: Kami Thepphavong
Phone: Extension 8608

Last updated: 6/29/2015 2:25:02 PM