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Do you have a story you could share with us of an experience you had in the OAB?Share Your Story

Dear Fresno City College Alumni,
We are entering an exciting time for the FCC campus. As you know, the bond that was passed two years ago to support our community colleges contained $25 million earmarked for the Old Administration Building (OAB). The engineering and architectural studies are now complete and we know what it is going to cost us to make the building earthquake proof and sound. We have enough from the bond to make the building safe for students and to finish out a large part of the classroom and office space.
There is a space in the OAB, however, that will need public donations to complete. We are not asking you for a donation. What we want from you is help putting a human face on the project. Restoring that building isn’t just about bricks and mortar and saving a beautiful, old historic building.
It is about people---the people whose lives were changed by taking classes in that space. It is about the teachers they respect and the people they met. It is about the people whose lives will be enriched by having a concert hall in which to enjoy wonderful music productions. The auditorium (concert hall) is the space for which we will need support from donors to complete. It will have a $3 million price tag. Do you have a story you could share with us of an experience you had in that building, or an influence that building had on your life?
If you would be willing to enter that story into our web site, we can possibly use it to create a narrative about the building that will help us communicate the importance of such a facility on lives going forward. It doesn’t need to be more than a paragraph or two, or even a statement in one sentence. It will be nice to hear from you and to know that our alumni are interested in helping us to prepare for generations to come. Thank you in advance for your input.
Last updated: 6/8/2008 10:34:33 AM