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Limited Services Available July 9-17 Due to System Maintenance
Most Offices Will be Open but will Provide Limited Services
Posted Date: 7/2/2014

Student Services Computer System Maintenance

Services Available During

July 9 -17, 2014

The SCCCD IT department will be conducting maintenance on our computer system starting at 12 noon on July 9th through July 17th. During this time, many services will be unavailable to students, faculty and staff, including WebAdvisor and access to student records. If you need assistance, most offices will be open to provide limited services. BlackBoard, student email and the admission application systems will be available during this time.

Note: July 10 & 11 the telephone system will be down in the Student Services Building.

Admissions & Records

The Student Services Help Desk will be able to assist students with:

· Student E-mail Password Resets

  • Answer General Questions

The Web Room will be open for students to complete the following:

· Admission Application

  • Complete any of the online forms
    • Request Transcripts
    • Request Enrollment Verification
    • Request Change of Major
    • Request Pass / No Pass
    • Report Address Change
    • Request Name Change
  • Complete Online Orientation
  • Complete Probation Workshop

Students will also be able to do the following business at the counter:

· Submit Residency documents

  • Pick up transcripts ready for pick-up
  • Pick up Enrollment Verification ready for pick-up
  • Complete ADD/DROP card to drop SUMMER CLASS ONLY
  • We will be able answer general questions

Friday, July 11 – Admissions & Records will be closed from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. for an annual departmental retreat.

College Business Office

· The office will be closed from Wednesday, July 9 at noon and will be open again for payments on July 17.

· The office will be closed for check pickup, but the payroll checks will be available in OAB 161 on July 10. After July 10 they will be mailed, unless alternate instructions are communicated to the business office prior to the system maintenance.


Counseling will be able to assist students with:

  • Online probation workshops
    • Students can complete the workshop but clearance won’t be entered until the system is back up
  • Online orientation
    • Students can complete the orientation but clearance won’t be entered until the system is back up
  • Assessment Testing
    • Students can test but scores won’t be entered until the system is back up
    • At this time, tests are scheduled for July 8, 9, 22 and 23
  • General information about major/degree/transfer requirements
    • Student records will not be available, so specific information is not possible during the dates the system is not available

Counseling services not available:

  • Transcript evaluation
  • Prerequisite evaluation and clearance
  • DQ counseling
  • DQ appeals with a counselor
  • Student Education Plans


DSPS will be able to assist students with:

  • Initial intake appointments
  • Counselors available on a limited basis (call DSPS Office for details)
  • Testing


EOPS will be able to assist students with:

  • Students wanting a major sheet
  • Campus directions
  • EOPS eligibility requirements
  • See a Counselor
  • Update student files
  • When we will be accepting new students
  • Putting together student packets for orientation
  • Answering any general FCC questions

Note: Monday July 14:

· EOPS will be taking applications for students wanting to be part of the EOPS program

· The office will open at 7:00 a.m.

· At this time we do not know how many students will be accepted

· It is first come first served

· To be eligible, students must be:

    • (a) in good standing (2.00 GPA)
    • (b) enrolled in 12 units – at least 9 units have to be at FCC
    • (c) receiving the BOGG (either A or B)
    • (d) tested at the remedial level of either English (below 1A) or Math (below Math 103) and
    • (e) students must have completed fewer than 30 college units

Financial Aid

Financial Aid will be able to assist students only with:

· FAFSA applications at the Financial Aid Lab located in LI-123.

· No other Financial Aid services available until July 18.

· Thursday, July 10 – Financial Aid will be closed from 8:00 a..m to 5:00 p.m. for an annual departmental retreat.