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AG Management Strategies for Greater Profitability

As a grower, farm manager, or farm labor contractor, there are three areas that will dramatically impact your business' profitability and longevity: recordkeeping, managing your Experience Modification Factor, and having a reliable labor force! In this workshop, you will learn about all three areas from industry experts.

  • Hear from retired Inspectors on what you should be doing to avoid costly fines
  • Learn proven strategies to manage your EX MOD and lower your insurance costs
  • Learn how to maintain a steady labor force by establishing an effective H-2A program

What You'll Learn

  • Preparing for a Compliance Audit or Field Inspection
    • What you must do for recordkeeping, required postings, and your field binder to avoid fines
    • What state and federal inspectors look for during audits/field visits
    • What you CAN do, CANNOT do, and SHOULD do during audits and inspections
  • Work Related Injuries and Illnesses, and the Experience Modification Factor
    • Understanding your responsibilities with worker injuries/illnesses
    • Hands-on practice conducting incident investigations and completing the required forms
    • Proactive strategies for reducing your EX MOD to lower insurance costs
  • The H-2A Competitive Advantage
    • Understanding the H-2A program and the legal obligations for you and your coworkers
    • The step-by-step process to hire H-2A workers
    • Compliance strategies & recommendations for first-time users

Who Should Attend 

Growers, farm managers, farm labor contractors, safety managers, supervisors, and ag industry professionals


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Registration Fee

$150 per person (includes coffee, continental breakfast, and materials)

Call 559.243.7530 with questions or requests for private corporate training.