Dental Assisting

Dental Assistants work as team members along with dentists and dental hygienists and perform a variety of patient care, front office, and laboratory duties. Assistants prepare patients for treatment and examinations and assure supplies, dental records, and instruments are ready for use by the dentists. Assistants also prepare patients for x-rays, take x-rays, process films, sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment, take impressions, and instruct patients in post-treatment care.


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Courses and Information

The Dental Assisting curriculum or pathway is designed to prepare students to successfully work as members of a dental team. Courses include infection control, dental radiology, medical emergencies, dental practice management, and a clinical internship. After 9-units of coursework, students will earn a Certificate of Achievement in Dental Assisting-Clinician.

  • DA-1 Practice Management - 2 units
  • DA-2 Infection Control - 2 units
  • DA-3 Dental Radiology - 3 units
  • DA-3A Clinical Dental Radiology -1 unit
  • DA-19 Work Experience - 1 unit (54 hours paid or unpaid work experience)

Most classes are scheduled in a hybrid format with some online coursework and face-to-face classes scheduled on Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Saturdays to support working adults. 

Note: Classes can be taken in any order.  A CPR certificate (BLS for Health Care providers) and current vaccinations will be required for the Dental Assistant Program. Information will be available from your instructor.