Application Process

Respiratory Care Practitioner Application Period:
February 1-26, 2021

Selected students will be placed to start the program in Fall 2021

Important Dates to Follow:

December 2020 or before (Recommended timeframe, to allow sufficient time for processing and to receive results before application deadline) Courses taken outside SCCCD should be reviewed with a FCC counselor for Course Substitution Petitions
January 2021 or before All pre-requisite courses must be complete before applying
February 2021 (see Step 3 below for dates and times) Attend an Application Q&A if you have questions (optional)
February 2021 or before Send all college/university transcripts from outside State Center Community College District to FCC Admissions & Records Office
February 1-26, 2021 Complete Online Academic Summary Form
Week of April 5, 2021 Log into lottery database to view lottery results
No later than April 16, 2021 Respond to lottery results

Complete each step below in order to apply to the Respiratory Care Practitioner program.

Complete online Fresno City College application.

All applicants to the Respiratory Care Practitioner program must apply for admission to Fresno City College to obtain a SCCCD Student ID number prior to applying to the program.  When applying you will be asked to declare a major, please select Pre-Allied Health.  Once accepted into the program your major will be changed to Respiratory Care Practitioner.

Completion of prerequisites with a C or better:

  • BIO 20 - Human Anatomy and BIO 22 - Human Physiology or BIOL 21A - Human Anatomy & Physiology I and BIOL 21B - Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • CHEM 3A - Introductory General Chemistry
  • BIOL 31 - Microbiology 
  • MATH 103 - Foundations of Algebra or higher math course

GPA of 2.5 or above

  • A cumulative GPA calculation will be done using all college coursework document on all college/university transcripts.
  • Application requirements include the completion of all five (5) prerequisite courses and a cumulative GPA for 2.5 or above.
  • "In Progress" courses are not accepted.
  • Grade points and units will be tallied from all college work attempted.

Applicants with courses from outside State Center Community College District

Applicants who would like to use pre-requisite or general education courses completed from outside of SCCCD should meet with a Fresno City College Counselor.  The counselor will assist in determining whether the Course Substitution Petition process needs to be completed.  This process should be completed before applying to any Allied Health Program.  Students with courses from a California public community college or university may use the following links to determine equivalency of courses from outside institutions with Fresno City College:



If a Course Substitution Petition is needed, courses must be evaluated by each department for possible approval.  The required documents to initiate the review of a course are a copy of the official transcript and the course syllabus.  This is a lengthy process and must be done at least 2-3 months prior to submitting an application.  All approved FCC course substitutions must be submitted with application.

 Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Appropriate credit for AP scores recognized by Fresno City College may be applied to meet general education requirements. Please submit with your Respiratory Care program application an unofficial copy of the AP College Board scores for any course you would like considered to meet program course requirements. Students must submit an official copy of their AP College Board scores to Fresno City College in order to receive college credit.

Applicants using Foreign Education courses

Students who have completed courses outside of the United States must have foreign transcripts evaluated by an evaluation services approved by Fresno City College. Please meet with a Fresno City College Counselor/Allied Health and Nursing Counselor.

The Academic Summary Form (ASF) must be completed and submitted during the application period. At this time, the Fresno City College campus is closed; therefore the 2021 ASF is accessible online during the application period.  

Application Q&A will be available on the following dates via Starfish, click on the link below at time of session:

A completed application must contain the following:

  1. Online Respiratory Care Practitioner Academic Summary Form. Please list all colleges attended on the ASF including Fresno City College and all affiliated campuses.  Failure to list all colleges previously attended may result in your application being denied.
  2. Submit one (1) official college/university transcript from each school attended outside of SCCCD.  If you have attended Fresno City College, Reedley College, Clovis Community College or Madera Community College you do not need to submit transcripts from those institutions.  All pre-requisite coursework must be completed at the time of application and grades must be posted on the transcript.

Transcripts can be submitted one of two ways:

E-Transcripts can be sent by the institution, not the student, to


Sealed official transcripts can be mailed by the institution or the student to the following address:

Fresno City College

ATT: Admissions & Records (ATT: Transcripts)

1101 E. University Ave

Fresno, CA 93741

If applicable to the applicant, submit the following documents by uploading them to the online Academic Summary Form:

  • Veteran or a spouse of a veteran requesting veteran preference requires submission of a copy of the DD214 from.
  • Course Substitutions - include a copy of approved Course Substitution(s) for prerequisite and General Education courses. 

After submitting the application, follow the "Important Dates to Follow" (above) for when to check lottery and selection status.

Also, please regularly check your SCCCD Student Email for all notifications from Fresno City College.

Upon selection into the Respiratory Care Practitioner Program students must confirm acceptance to participate in the program and must attend a mandatory orientation.  Information about the orientation will be provided at the time of selection.  Failure to attend will result in forfeiture of program placement.

Upon admission to the program all immunizations, health exams, CPR requirements, transportation verification, consents, etc. must be met prior to beginning the Respiratory Care Practitioner Program.  More information provided at the the time of admission.

Program Handbook

Program schedules vary according to semester. For more program details please refer to the RCP Student Handbook.


Fresno City College utilizes a computerized statistical lottery selection process for admission into the Respiratory Care Practitioner Program.  The Lottery Process is used in response to more eligible applicants than enrollment space to the Allied Health Programs.  The lottery is student driven, which means the student is responsible for supplying all transcripts and supplemental documentation required, as well as keeping the Allied Health, P.E., & Athletics Division Office informed of any changes in your name, address, and/or phone number.

To be eligible for the Lottery, The Academic Summary Form (ASF) must be completed and submitted with all transcripts and supplemental documents included or it will be considered incomplete and processing will be terminated.  All qualified applications received before the stated deadline will be treated equally regardless of the submission date.

Lottery Status

Lottery Status will be noted as "Eligible" or "Ineligible." You are required to check the Lottery Database for your status updates. Please review the entire lottery status page and read any "notes to students" at the bottom of the page. It is your responsibility to complete all major and graduation requirements. If you are unsure about these requirements please meet with a counselor. (Please note: The evaluation of applications is ongoing until the posted lottery date. Selected status will be posted based on Lottery Timeline dates. Students should check their status regularly after the posted application deadline).

Check Lottery Status