Arts, Communication & Language


Develop your talent into a contemporary art practice with our passionate, knowledgeable and professional faculty. Enjoy the largest range of academic creative programs in the region, including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, crafts, and digital art. Our diverse student population participates in an expanded range of mentoring, exhibition, extracurricular and community opportunities. Fresno is the hub of the Central Valley’s energized creative business market. Grow your visual and cultural literacy while preparing yourself for university, grad school or a professional career.


The Communication program offers a full range of Communication courses including public speaking, interpersonal communication, persuasion, group communication, argumentation, forensics (speech and debate) and community involvement. Several sections each semester are offered in a hybrid format. In addition to teaching necessary verbal and written skills, the program offers courses needed to earn an associate’s degree as well as transfer to a four-year university. The program is proud to offer a transfer degree in communication, making it simple to transfer to a Communication program in the California State University system.


The associate degree in dance provides a base of training in dance technique and practical experience in concert performance and production work as well as theoretical background in dance composition. Possible careers include choreographer, dance director, dance historian, dancer, dance teacher, dance therapist, fitness/aerobic instructor, movement notator, performer, reconstructor, and recreation lead.


A degree in English is considered a rigorous, complementary education for careers in the legal field, editing, interpreting, translation, and teach at the K-12 and college level.

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Program offers courses in American Sign Language, Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Hmong, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Spanish for Native Speakers with an emphasis on communicative competence. Students learn the necessary skills that allow them to communicate in many different situations.

Graphic Design

The application of current software and hands-on project work prepares you for entry-level positions in media related industries. Upon developing a wide set of skills, you can find employment in a technical position dealing with graphic design, web design, video production, or within the print industry. You will also have the opportunity to take an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) course to obtain industry certifications.


The journalism program publishes The Rampage, an award winning newspaper, paper and digital. It is ran by students in the program. The program offers two degrees Associate in Arts in Journalism for Transfer that gets you directly into most California State Universities and an Associate in Arts degree in journalism. You learn to write well, to photograph expertly, to shoot video professionally, and use new technology that will put you in the front seat of the current media job market. Fresno City College has a terrific journalism program that will start you down the road to a career as a reporter. The journalism program builds teams that inspire each other’s career goals. We tell you what’s important, what you should care about and how to stay connected to your campus community.


For career preparation or personal enrichment, we offer a wide array of music programs and courses. Pursue one of several degrees or certificates and enjoy thorough preparation towards college transfer or a music career. Participate in our diverse ensembles and applied classes like Band, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Guitar, Voice, Piano and more. Explore music technology with Computer Music, Recording Arts, and Finale. Examine master composers and their works in Music Appreciation, Jazz History, and Rock History. Our experienced, dedicated faculty will give you the training you need for fun and success in music.


We offer the most extensive series of classes in Central California for those who wish to enter the image making industry or improve their current professional skills. We provide hands on experience in our studios and labs with current hardware and software technology. Our courses develop skills in creating photographs for commercial clients from small and large scale studio and location scenarios. You will learn appropriate workflow and processes to compete in the commercial marketplace. Throughout the program, you may take Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) industry certifications.

Theatre Arts

The Fresno City College Theatre Arts Department is the only community college in Fresno County that offers degree and transfer options to students who enroll in our program. The department strives to be relevant and current with the productions offered each year and supports new plays and emerging playwrights. By selecting theatrical productions that are challenging and inspiring to our students and faculty the seasons offer plays that students can excel in, reflect the demographics of our campus and fill the cultural gap that exists in the community we serve.