Online Learning Instructional Technology Center (OLIT)

The OLIT is dedicated to supporting instructors in their pursuit of excellence and innovation in teaching, student learning, and the effective use of technology. Our goal is to provide faculty with tools and resources to empower them to respond to the constantly changing landscape of instructional technology.

The OLIT Center (LI-141) provides:

  • Access to tools to explore such as
    • document camera
    • webcam
    • iPad station
  • Training on tools and technology to facilitate learning in distance education and traditional classrooms
  • Professional development on specific topics facilitated by fellow faculty based on actual classroom experience
  • Meeting location to facilitate discussion of technology, pedagogy, and curriculum content issues.

To arrange specialized training for your division or department, please contact Kevin Scritchfield via email to arrange an appointment.

For questions or suggestions contact:

Jon Wilson
Distance Education / Information Technology Support Technician
ext. 8665

Jodie Steeley
Director of Distance Education and Instructional Technology
ext. 2387