Enrollment and FTES

For the past semesters

FTES data are generated from State Apportionment Attendance Reports (CCFS-320); therefore, FTES figures are official data. Data are based on Annual CCFS-320 reports.

State Apportionment Attendance Report (CCFS-320) Calendar:

  • January 15 - First Period CCFS-320 Report (P1)
  • April 20 - Second Period CCFS-320 Report (P2)
  • July 15 - Annual CCFS-320 Report

For the current semester

Data are based on CapacityLive report data. CapacityLive data are developed for colleges/divisions/departments to manage enrollment for the current semester. CapacityLive data are estimated FTES data based on enrollments (it does not include unfunded and non-credit courses).

Key Definitions

1 FTES = 525 hours (one student enrolled in courses for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, for an academic year of 35 weeks, 3x5x35=525)
FTEF - Full Time Equivalent Faculty. Represents 30 Lecture Hour Equivalent (LHE) per year.
FTES/FTEF - Full Time Equivalent Students divided by Full Time Equivalent Faculty.
WSCH/FTEF - Weekly Student Contact Hours divided by Full Time Equivalent Faculty.

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Weekly CapacityLive Reports:

FTES Data for Past Semesters - Based on CCFS-320 Reports (Credit FTES Only)