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Pathway to Law School

Fresno City College is now part of a statewide program called the "2+2+3 Community College Pathway to Law School," which is a collaboration between the CA State Bar, 6 Law Schools, and 24 Community Colleges. FCC now has two exciting options for students interested in studying law:

  1. Students of any major can be a part of this statewide program by enrolling in and getting A's or B's in the 7 "Required Pathway Courses" below;
  2. Students can get an A.A. Degree in Interdisciplinary Prelaw Studies, which is a degree designed around the 7 "Required Pathway Courses," accompanied by other courses specifically chosen to be valuable in preparing for Law School and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Law Schools

As part of the statewide Pathway Program, students who elect to be part of the Program will be granted "special admissions consideration" at the following schools:

  • UC Davis School of Law
  • USC Gould School of Law
  • UC Irvine School of Law
  • USF School of Law
  • Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Loyola Marymount Law School

In addition, students will be provided with outreach from these schools, along with financial aid counseling and assistance with LSAT preparation. (In between FCC and Law School, students in this program must get their Bachelor's Degree from an accredited University, not limited to the six participating schools).

Local Pathway

Starting in Fall 2016, FCC is proud to announce the formation of a local Pathway agreement with CSU Fresno and San Joaquin College of Law. Students who come to FCC and know they want to stay in the Valley for school can get started on their career pathway now. Students participating in this local pathway will be able to choose from several Prelaw options at CSU Fresno including:

  • Business (prelaw)
  • Philosophy (prelaw)
  • Political Science (prelaw).


  • Interdisciplinary Prelaw Studies

Join Now

Email or Call Matt Espinoza Watson.

Required Pathway Classes

  • English: Reading and Composition (ENGL 1A)
  • American Studies: Law and Democracy (AMST 11)
  • Philosophy: Critical Reasoning (PHIL 2)
  • Communication: Persuasion (COMM 4)
  • Mathematics: Statistics for Behavioral Science (MATH 42)
  • History: History of the United States since 1877 (HIST 12)
  • Political Science: American Government (POLSCI 2)

Courses and Information

To see recommended courses, see the Catalog.  To see upcoming scheduled classes, see the Schedule of Classes

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