Firearms Instructor Course


  • March 19 - 23, 2018
  • June 11 - 15, 2018
  • September 10 - 14, 2018


Total: $189.00  (prior to June 1, 2018)   

Total: $214.00 (after June 1, 2018)

Payable by two seperate payees:


$99.00 Check payable to Fresno City College.

  • Registration: $69.00
  • Health: $12.00
  • Material: $18.00


Range: $90 Check payable to FPDRTC (prior to June 1, 2018)

Range: $115 payable to FPDRTC (starting June 1 of 2018)

(E) Plate cars are exempt from parking fees


Fresno Police Department Regional Training Center
6375 W. Central
Fresno, California 93706


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Please call and cancel your reservations if you cannot attend. College Registration fees are subject to change without notice. Make checks payable to Fresno City College. Out of Consideration for people who are on a waiting list, please cancel your reservation no later than 21 days prior to the first day of class.


Police Academy Instructional Staff

Certified Hours


Course Description

Designed to prepare the student with the fundamentals of teaching law enforcement firearms techniques to others and to create and administer a safe and quality Firearms Training Program. Demonstrates various shooting styles and updated instruction on the most effective contemporary techniques used in law enforcement today. Shows how to diagnose shooting problems through target analysis, and how to properly correct the problem.

Required Equipment

Equipment Needed for Firearms Instructor Course

  • Department Handgun
  • 600 rounds of department ammo (target rounds - no reloads)
  • Department Shotgun (with sling if you use them)
  • 30 rounds of buckshot / 10 rounds of slugs
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • Department duty belt with holster, ammo pouch, etc. (no Tasers, or O.C. on the range)
  • At least three magazines for duty weapon
  • Department issued Bullet Proof Vest
  • Recommended clothing (hat, closed toed footwear, pants, - no shorts, V-neck shirts, or red colored shirts)
  • Personal water containers, sun block, etc.
  • Laptop (optional, but students will prepare a lesson plan during the course)

List of Equipment Needed for Firearms Instructor Course


A California Peace Officer Standards and Training Basic Course certificate issued from an accredited regional police academy or equivalent as determined by the division Dean or their appointee. These skills and knowledge base are related to adopted POST and/or industry standards. NOTE: Approval of equivalent training is not a guarantee state regulatory or licensing agencies will also grant equivalency.

A pre-qualification prior to starting the class is mandatory with a passing score of 80 percent.

Pre-Test for Course

Copies of Department Firearms Policies

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