Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

The field of drafting is one, which serves a wide and varied number of vocations, professions, and industries. The Computer Aided Drafting and Design program directs its courses and training along practical lines as demanded by industry so that you are better qualified to obtain employment in CADD or related occupations.

Topics covered: 2D sketching, technical drawing principles and practices, 2D CAD, 3D solid modeling including parts, assemblies and drawings, reverse engineering via digitizing and scanning, and product development using additive manufacturing processes along with soft tooling, vacuum forming and laser cutting.

This comprehensive program offers training in general drafting practices as well as computer aided civil and mechanical drafting design. You will receive training in rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and additive manufacturing. Throughout this program, you will prepare for SolidWorks industry certifications.

CADD student project

CADD Laboratory


  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design (F.3051.AS)

CADD Flow Chart


  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design (F.3051.CA)
  • Computer Aided Drafting Technician 1 (F.3052.CN)
  • 2D Computer Aided Drafting Technician (F.3053.CN)
  • CSWA Certified SolidWorks Associate

Join Now

For further information related to the CADD program, contact: Ron Cerkueira.

To get things started, apply online. Be sure to also complete the online orientation, activate a WebAdvisor account and student email.

Once you have a student ID number, call 559.442.8273 to schedule an appointment with a counselor in the Applied Technology Office.

Counselors are available in the Applied Technology Division Office to assist students with creating a Student Education Plan for an CADD Degree or Certificate.

Courses and Information

To see recommended courses, see the Catalog.  To see upcoming scheduled classes, see the Schedule of Classes

Computer Aided Drafting and Design Club

All CADD students are invited to participate in club activities to vote on topics, and schedule outreach projects for local high school students. The club builds projects using CADD programs and coordinates projects with other clubs on campus such as CAM, Entrepreneur, Robotics and Electrical clubs.

SolidWorks User Group

CADD students are encouraged to attend local SolidWorks User Group (SWUG) meetings. These meetings provide free training, raffle prizes, food and an opportunity to network with industry professionals.

CADD student project