Institutional Research

The mission of the Fresno City College Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning Office is to promote and facilitate a culture of evidence and inquiry in which accurate data and information provides the basis for data-driven decisions to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness.

Research Directory

Robert Pimentel, Ed.D.
Vice President of Educational Services & Institutional Effectiveness

Carol Rains-Heisdorf, M.A.
Interim Director of Institutional Research, Assessment, & Planning

Dee Cetin-Berber, Ph.D.
Senior Research & Planning Analyst
559.442.4600 ext. 2357

Lili Gao, M.S.
Senior Research & Planning Analyst
559.442.4600 ext. 2358

Oxana Aghaei, MEd
Interim Senior Research & Planning Analyst

Chuck Kralowec, M.A.
Research & Planning Analyst
559.442.4600 ext. 2349

Ignacio Faria, M.S.
Adjunct Faculty Researcher

David Woods, M.A.
Adjunct Faculty Researcher

Office Location: OAB 228
Office Hours: 8 am - 5 pm