Institutional Research

The mission of the Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning Office is to promote and facilitate an equity focus culture of evidence and inquiry in which accurate data and information provide the basis for data-driven decisions to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness. 

The Fresno City College Educational Master Plan is a long-term plan that provides clear direction for the college as it moves towards its future. Information gathered through qualitative and quantitative data, planning documents and processes results in a comprehensive plan for educational programs and services. Information internal and external to the college was used to explain the changes that occurred in the past and to forecast future needs. 

FCC Educational Master Plan 2016-2026 

As a part ofcollege-wide planning, the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning in collaboration with the Institutional Research and Effectiveness Committeedeveloped the following student-focused Research Agenda.The purpose of the Research Agenda is toidentify research which provides relevant data that support scollege efforts to focus on: 

  • Student Equity and Success  
  • Building Partnership  
  • Making Informed Decisions  

Fresno City College(FCC)’s Research Agendasupports the college’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values. This documentis to be used as a guide to ongoing structured inquiry andwill be reviewed annually and updated as needed.     

To achieve the college mission and vision, it is essential that all members of the FCC community participate in carrying for the Research Agenda.The pursuit andsharing of knowledgeare the essence of research.Research is a collaborative effort and necessitates thecooperation of all campus members. It serves as a vehicle for dialog and awayin which to move beyond a culture of evidence to a more integrated culture of inquiry at the college. 

FCC 2015-2016 Research Agenda

The Research Agenda:  

  • is developed with an equity framework, designed to ensure disaggregate data is used to inform decision making.   
  • isstudent-focused andis aligned with integrated planning which includes the Educational Master Plan, Strategic Plan, SSSP-BSI-Equity Integrated Plan, and Guided Pathways.   
  • identifies the question or issue to be addressed, researchsubjects, research design, data usage, and reporting cycle.   

FCC has identified 29 effectiveness measures that indicate the college's standards for student achievement, or “Institutional Set Standards”. The “Core 9” effectiveness measures will determine the focus of college efforts for 2017-2021.  

FCC Institutional Effectiveness Index - ISS 

The "Core 9" Institutional Set Standards 

The Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning Office provides data and information on college profile including programs, enrollment, student success, and vision for success goals.  

FCC 2018-2019 College Profile  

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