Ram Ready

Your Fresno City College New Student Welcome!

Ram Ready is our welcome to college event designed to help you navigate your first week and first semester of college. The event took place January 3-5 and consisted of a self-guided presentation and live events and workshops. All the information covered during the event is provided below for any student to view, including recordings of our live events and workshops. You can view the self-guided presentation under Step 1: Start Ram Ready Here and the view the recordings under Step 2: Live Events and Workshops. 

If you have any questions about Ram Ready, please contact the College Relations Office by phone at 559.442.8225 or email at collegerelations@fresnocitycollege.edu and use the subject line “Ram Ready Question”.

Step 1: Start Ram Ready Here!

Hello Rams! Welcome to your Virtual Ram Ready new student welcome. To begin the self-guided Ram Ready presentation, click on the welcome video below and move through each topic. After completing the presentation, move on to Step 2: Live Events & Workshops to view recordings of the sessions.

We are committed to helping you be successful in your classes and learning how to use Canvas, Zoom and other online tools. Here is some information and some resources to help you get started!

Types of Classes

Hopefully the video helped you understand what type of classes you are taking. If you are still a little unsure, here is a brief overview again.

Online: Asynchronous – On your own time

  • No scheduled days/times to meet online
  • See class “Meeting Information” or "Important Class Notes" in WebAdvisor where it will list “Lec Internet Days to be Announced, Times to be announced Web Based Instruction”

Online: Synchronous – Meets online regularly

  • Scheduled days/times that you will meet online
  • See class “Meeting Information” or "Important Class Notes" in WebAdvisor where it will list meeting days and times

Hybrid – Combination of on campus in-person meetings and online instruction

  • Portion of the class will have scheduled days/times to meet on campus in-person with the remainder of the class being completed online
  • See class “Meeting Information” or “Important Class Notes” in WebAdvisor where it will list meeting days, times, and building/room location

In-Person – Meets regularly on campus

  • Scheduled days/times to meet on campus
  • See class “Meeting Information” or “Important Class Notes” in WebAdvisor where it will list meeting days, times, and building/room location

Campus Map and Online Tour

Don't know your classroom building location? Be sure to check your class schedule in WebAdvisor for full details regarding your classes and view the map or tour below.

Interactive Campus Map 

Online Tour


Zoom is an additional virtual tool that some instructors may use to communicate with students. Zoom allows you to have virtual face to face interaction (similar to FaceTime) with your instructors and classmates as well as office hours. To familiarize yourself with Zoom, check out this Zoom Student Guide located in Canvas via the Digital Tools link in the Virtual Hub for Students.

Canvas - (See Live Events and Workshops for Canvas Tutorial Workshop dates and times)

Canvas is a web-based platform that you will use throughout your time at Fresno City College and should be accessed daily to keep up with your classes. This is where instructors will post class announcements, assigned readings, assignments, grades, and schedule tests/quizzes for you to take. You will use it to access class information, submit assignments, engage with your instructors and classmates in online discussions, and take quizzes and tests. Canvas can be accessed through My Portal.

*NOTE: Instructors have until the first day of the semester, which is Monday, January 10, 2022, to post class content in Canvas. If you do not see your class(es) in Canvas on the first day of the semester, double check to make sure you are registered for the class by checking your class schedule in WebAdvisor. If you verify that your class is on your class schedule, but does not appear in Canvas, you should contact your instructor(s) via email as soon as possible. Be sure to access all your classes in Canvas on the first day of the semester.


Students can access their student email, Canvas, WebAdvisor, Self-Service, and additional resources by logging into MyPortal located at the top right of every Fresno City College webpage. If you need assistance with username and password information to log in, watch this short MyPortal tutorial. If you are still having issues logging in, you can contact our Student Support Systems Call Center at 559.499.6070.

Fresno City College student services staff are ready to assist you in-person, online, and by phone. Below you will see a list of common campus services students utilize with their contact information and links to their webpages for additional resources. You can watch this Student Services video for a brief overview of these services. Before coming to campus, we highly recommend that you contact each department/office you wish to visit first or view their webpage for operating hours, availability, and additional information. Don’t forget that you can also access some of these services through the Virtual Hub for Students in Canvas.


Email: 2172mgr@follett.com
Phone: 559.442.8216

The Bookstore is open for in-person shopping and online ordering. Ordering online allows you to choose to pick up your items in-person or have them shipped to you. Visit the Bookstore webpage for current operating hours, to view textbook information, or to purchase school supplies and your textbooks online.

Business Office

Email: CBO@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.489.2234

Students can reach the Business Office by phone or email questions to the email address above to take care of their financial needs. We will respond within 24 hours during normal business days/hours. Payments should be made online by logging into your portal, accessing WebAdvisor, and then choosing Student Finance-View/Pay on My Account under the Student Self-Service section. This is accessible 24/7 (Some financial aid repayments are not available for online payments). Visit the Business Office webpage for Spring 2022 operating hours and more information.

*NOTE: Parking permits are not needed for the Spring 2022 semester.

Career and Employment Center

Email: cec@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.442.8294

The Career and Employment Center provides resume, cover and thank you letter assistance, portfolio development, interview preparation, and employment events. The Jobspeaker platform is used to post employment opportunities for student and alumni. They also provide career assessments, career exploration resources and career counseling. Please visit the Career and Employment Center webpage for more information and available resources.


Phone: 559.442.8226

Counselors are currently serving students over the phone or through virtual counseling appointments via Zoom. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor once a semester to update their SEP, discuss any possible major changes, and more. Visit the Counseling Office webpage for office hours, contact information, and to schedule an appointment.

Disabled Students Program & Services (DSP&S)

Email: dsps@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.442.8237

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) staff are committed to creating an accessible learning environment where individuals with documented disabilities have equal access to pursue their educational goals. We are dedicated to supporting students and collaborating with the campus community to remove barriers to educational access and embrace the college’s values of equity and inclusion. You can visit the DSP&S webpage for information about how you can apply for services.

Dream Center

Email: dreamcenter@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.443.8570

Fresno City College Dream Center's mission is to provide information, support, resources, and academic counseling to new and continuing migrant students in overcoming challenges and assisting students in the completion of their educational goals in a safe and confidential environment.

The Fresno City College Dream Center team is here to assist with AB540 Affidavit forms, CA Residency Questionnaires, Student Educational Plans (SEP), general counseling, Financial Aid assistance, scholarships, volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, legal advice from professionals, and other campus resources. You can visit the Dream Center webpage for more information and resources.

Financial Aid Office

1101 East University Ave
Fresno, CA 93741
Email: financialaidoffice@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.442.8245
Fax: 559.499.6024

Students who need to submit financial aid documents are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. These documents can be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by mail, email, fax or in-person. Failure to complete your financial aid file may result in your funds being delayed.

If you have any questions regarding financial aid, you can visit the Financial Aid Office webpage for current office hours or contact them by phone, email or Live Chat.

Health Services

Email: healthservices@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.442.8268

The Health Services Office is providing in-person services by appointment only. Students may schedule an appointment by calling the Health Services mainline or by email and leave a message with their name, student ID number, and phone number so one of the nurses can return the message. Health services are available to currently enrolled students and is funded by the student health fee. Services included are:

  • Health counseling and education
  • Screening tests
  • Assistance in obtaining medical care
  • Tuberculosis Skin Tests and TB clearances
  • Flu shots
  • Over-the-counter medications

You can visit the Health Services webpage for office hours, appointment information, and additional resources.

Psychological Services

Email: psychservices@scccd.edu
Phone: 559.443.8687

Psychological Services offers free individual and group sessions to currently enrolled FCC students. For the spring 2022 semester, on campus sessions will be available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday while telehealth services via phone or Zoom meetings will be available on Tuesday and Friday. Remote services with FCC Psychological Services therapists are only available for currently enrolled students over the age of 18. You can visit the Psychological Services webpage for more information, resources, and hours of operation.

Ram Pantry

Email: Rampantry@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.443.8688

The Ram Pantry is a free food assistance program available to currently enrolled students. Fresno City is committed to combating food insecurities and hunger so you can concentrate on your studies and other activities. The Ram Pantry is located in the Student Center/Bookstore building. Students can enter the Patio located on the east side of the building for services and are encouraged to bring their own bag. Visit the Ram Pantry webpage for updated hours and services.

Student Activities

Email: studentactivities@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.443.8688

The Student Activities office is your connection to campus life, student clubs, Associated Student Government and campus events. Student Activities is available via email, phone, and social media. You can follow them on IG, FB, Twitter and YouTube for event updates. Check out the Student Activities webpage for additional information.

Veterans Resource Center

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 6:00pm 
Friday 7:30am – 1:00pm
Email: Veterans@fresnocitycollege.edu
Phone: 559.442.8224

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) provides assistance to veterans and their dependents when applying for educational benefits. If you are a veteran, you can contact the VRC by phone and or come to our office to get started. You can visit the VRC webpage for more information and resources.

All our student support services are available online and ready to assist you. Review the resources below for information on how to checkout technology to assist you in successfully completing your online classes and accessing support services such as tutoring and library resources.

Library Services

Phone: 559.442.8204

Students can check out more than just books at the Library; technology like laptops, iPads, calculators, and hotspots are all available to check out too! Please note that a photo ID and a signed “User Agreement Form” will be required for the checkout of these devices (limited supplies available). In addition to checking out materials, the library also has textbooks on reserve, online research databases, 24/7 chat with a librarian, research assistance and more. Library study rooms and the library computer lab are open for in-person use. Students are encouraged to visit the Library’s webpage for the most up-to-date information on operating hours and services.

Tutoring Services

Phone: 559.442.8209

FCC offers free tutoring services to all students. Several tutoring options we have available include Extending The Class (ETC), Writing and Reading Center, PASS, Math Support Center and more. Make sure to check out the Tutoring Options webpage for contact information, descriptions of each programs tutoring support offered, and the availability of each program.

Studies show that students who feel connected to their college campus successfully complete their college classes at higher rates than those who do not feel connected. So, try and get involved! Below is information on ways that you can connect with college staff and get involved in campus activities and interact with your fellow classmates. In addition, our Special Programs serve as extra support to students who qualify to participate in their programs.

Ram Pathways

FCC has grouped all our majors into five pathways. Each pathway consists of a group of related programs of study based on similar core classes and career paths. Pathways allow you first to determine an overall field of study, and then focus on a program or major to earn a certificate, associate degree, and/or prepare for transfer to a university. Find out more about your specific pathway by using the links below.

  1. Arts, Communication & Language
  2. Business
  3. Culture, Education & Society
  4. Health & Stem
  5. Tech & Trades


Starfish is an online tool that will help you connect with Fresno City College staff and resources. It also gives faculty a way to communicate your progress throughout the semester to ensure the right people are able to intervene and assist you when needed. It will allow you to do the following, but is not limited to:

  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor
  • Contact FCC staff within your Success Network and Ram Pathway Team
  • Request assistance from a FCC staff member

You can visit the Starfish for FCC Students webpage and view the links below for more information.

How to Schedule an Appointment Instructions
How to Access/Attend Your Zoom Counseling Appointment

Campus Involvement

There’s no better way to get to know your fellow students than getting involved in campus events and participating in campus activities. You can meet other students who share your interests by joining a club, volunteer to assist at an on campus cultural event, or participate in student government. Cheer on your classmates by attending an FCC athletic event or watch them perform in a theatre play or music concert. No matter what you choose, there are a variety of ways to get involved on campus. View the links below for more campus involvement information.

  • Student Activities – Provides students with opportunities for outside of the classroom experiences. Visit their webpage for campus clubs and Associated Student Government (ASG) information as well as view their calendar of events that they have planned for the month. You can also purchase a student ID card here that you can use for student ticket pricing to on campus events and receive discounts from select restaurants located near to campus.
  • Sporting Events Calendar - Lists the upcoming games for the college’s men’s and women’s athletic teams.
  • Performing Arts Calendar - Lists the upcoming performances for theatre and dance, music, visual arts, and related Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Division events.

Special Programs

Fresno City College has several special programs to assist students in their academic success. A few services provided by these special programs include individualized counseling, university field trips, tutoring services, financial assistance, and more! Descriptions of each special program’s eligibility requirements and what services they offer is available on the Programs to Help You Succeed webpage.

As you start your first semester, we want to share some student success tips to help you stay on track and things you should know as you begin your college journey.

Student Success Tips

Manage Your Time Wisely

Going to college is an important choice that you are making to invest in yourself and your future. Therefore, planning your daily or weekly schedule should reflect the importance of furthering your education. In addition to attending class, include an appropriate amount of time in your schedule for the following:

  • Completing assignments, studying, and reviewing class information
  • Driving time it takes to get to and from campus or work
  • Work schedule (if you have a full or part-time job)
  • Extracurricular activities and/or personal responsibilities

Meet with a Counselor Regularly

Staying on track and completing the classes you need is essential to reaching your educational goals. Here are some things that counselors can help you with:

  • Student Education Plan (SEP) - This a document that you and your counselor create together showing the classes and activities planned to reach your academic and career goals. You should meet with a counselor prior to your registration date each semester to update your SEP.
  • Changing Your Major – Different majors require different classes. You should meet with a counselor to create a new SEP if you decide to change your major.
  • Drop, Withdrawal, or Fail a Class – We understand that life happens and sometimes you may need to drop or withdrawal from a class, or they fail a class. No matter what the case may be, meeting with a counselor when this happens will allow the counselor to adjust your SEP accordingly. They will also be able to advise you on how this may impact your degree completion timeline and any other academic related policies.

Communicate with Your Instructors

Your instructors want to see you succeed in their classes. So don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and talk to them. If you do not have time to speak to them during class, visit them during their scheduled office hours or reach out to them by email. Instructors often list their contact information and office hours in their class syllabus. You can also message your instructors through Canvas. If you do email your instructor, here are some tips on constructing your email:

  • Subject Line - Provide a short description of why you are emailing.
  • Identify Your Class and Any Meeting Times – Instructors might teach more than one class.
  • Your Signature – Include your full name at the end of your email.
  • Review the Email Before Sending – Proofread your email for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and to make sure you included all the information you needed.

Sample Email to Instructor


Self-Care in a nutshell means taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy and well to do all the things that you want or need to do each day. Now this sounds simple enough, but in today’s technology driven and fast paced world, it can sometimes be difficult to do. Building time for yourself into your weekly schedule or routine is just as important as setting time aside to study. How could you concentrate on completing your assignments if your body aches or you feel too sick to work on them? It is important that you take care of your own physical, mental, and emotional health.

Things to Know

Important Deadlines

Once the semester begins, it is easy to get sidetracked. Nevertheless, there a few things students should be aware of to help them stay on track. Add and drop dates, last day to receive a refund for tuition, applying for graduation, and other important deadline information can be found on the Important Calendar Dates and Deadlines webpage.

Review Your Catalog

The college catalog provides information about our college, degrees and certificates offered, GE requirements, and details about courses. Also included in the catalog are academic expectations, school policies, student services offered, and more! You can view the Catalogs webpage for more information.

Academic Standing

After attempting a total of 12 units or more, a student must do the following to remain in good academic standing:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  2. And/or have completed more than 50% of the units attempted.

If a student does not maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and/or complete more than 50% of the units attempted, the student may be placed on Academic and/or Progress Probation. You can visit the Academic or Progress Probation webpage for more information.

Registering, Dropping & Waitlisting Classes

Students can search, register, add, waitlist, and drop classes by accessing WebAdvisor located in My Portal. You can visit the New Student Registration Resources webpage for additional registration information and to receive live help via Zoom if needed. It is also important to know and understand the waitlist policies and procedures if you are on a waitlisted class. Students who are waitlisted for a class are only contacted via their college email if a spot becomes available. You will only have 4 days to register for the class once permission to register is given. If you are waitlisted for a class, we highly recommend that you review the How to Manage Your Waitlisted Classes section on the New Student Registration Resources webpage.

Financial Aid Information and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

There is more to financial aid than just completing a FAFSA or Dream Act application. Applying is just the first step! You need to also make sure to complete your file, maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and apply every year. In addition, FCC offers over 300 scholarships each year ranging from $100-$1500. You can visit the Financial Aid webpage and additional links below for more information.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
In order to remain eligible to receive financial aid, students must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The three requirements of SAP are:

  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0
  2. Receive credit for at least 67% of the total units attempted
  3. Have attempted less than 150% of the maximum cumulative units required for completion of their program.

For detailed information on SAP and how it can affect your financial aid status, please visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress webpage.

Financial Aid Helpful Reminders- Includes FAFSA and DREAM ACT application information and how to complete your financial aid file.
Scholarship Office - Scholarship application, list of available scholarships, and contact information.

Thank you for taking the time to complete your Ram Ready presentation! Check out the Live Events and Workshops schedule below to view the dates and times each workshop is taking place. If you have not already signed up for Ram Ready, be sure to sign-up at the top of the page to receive an event details email with links to the live events and workshops.

Step 2: Live Events & Workshops

Ram Ready Live Events and Workshops took place Monday, January 3, 2022 through Wednesday, January 5, 2022. You can view the links below to watch the previously recorded sessions.

Ram Ready Welcome

Watch the previously recorded session.

Welcome to Fresno City College! Ram Ready staff will kick-off the event with a short welcome, overview of the activities planned for the week, and cover various student support services and resources that are available to students.

Tutorial and Library Services

Watch the previously recorded session.

Tutoring assistance, having access to research information, and being able to checkout technology like laptops and calculators are all vital resources students utilize to aid in their academic success. Tutorial center and library staff will share how to access these resources and provide information on what other services they provide to support student success.

Bookstore Q+A

Watch the previously recorded session.

What textbooks do I need? Are they available to rent? Where do I get them from? These are just a few questions new students may have as they prepare for their first semester of college. Bookstore staff will share what information students need to locate their textbooks and the options available in renting, purchasing, and ordering online.

MyPortal Overview

Watch the previously recorded session.

Students will get an overview of MyPortal and important apps such as Student Email, Office 365, Canvas, Self-Service and more. Learn how to navigate WebAdvisor and access your class schedules, add and drop classes, check the status of waitlisted courses and check your financial aid award letter.

Canvas Tutorial

Watch the previously recorded session.

Students will learn how to navigate Canvas to find their classes, turn in their assignments, locate important class content, check their grades, access resources, and how to communicate with their instructors and classmates via Canvas.

Financial Aid Q+A

Watch the previously recorded session.

Financial Aid staff members will cover how to submit financial aid related documents in an online environment, where to find financial aid information and resources, and answer any general questions students may have.