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Welcome to Online Learning at Fresno City College

Online courses and programs provide opportunities for students to pursue their educational goals in a flexible format. Fresno City College Online Learning offers you a way to complete classes without the usual time and location restrictions of traditional classroom instruction. Students who take Online Learning classes enjoy the flexibility and convenience while still benefiting from the same quality academic experience as on-campus students.

Fresno City College offers four different types of class experiences.

  1. 100% Web/Online: Synchronous means the class meets at scheduled times online. Video conferencing is used for scheduled days and times.
  2. Asynchronous: The class does not meet at a scheduled time. Students are required to attend class by logging in via Canvas and completing course requirements including video lectures, readings, discussions and other assignments.
  3. Hybrid: Some class time is scheduled in-person or online. Some course requirements are completed asynchronously in the virtual classroom via Canvas. Exams may be required in-person.
  4. In-person: Classes are scheduled for regular days/times/locations. Online homework and resources may be utilized as part of the in-person class.

 Students interested in taking an online course can view the current Schedule of Classes. Check the location and class notes for details and additional information.

Schedule of Classes



Learn more about taking online courses and support by visiting the Virtual Hub for Students.


Learn more about training, resources and support for teaching online by visiting the Virtual Hub for Faculty. You must be logged into Canvas to access.

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With the California Virtual Campus (CVC) Exchange, you can instantly enroll in an online course available at any eligible California Community College. This allows you to enroll in courses that may not be available at Fresno City College so you can achieve your goals faster!