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The Ram Pantry is a free food assistance program for college students currently enrolled at Fresno City College. The Ram Pantry believes that food insecurity and hunger should not be a barrier to success for students. The goal is to increase the graduation and course completion rate of our students. 

The Ram Pantry addresses this goal through free food assistance so that students in need can focus on classroom success rather than have hunger deter them from finishing their education.



The Ram Pantry was created in August 2015 to find ways to support our current Fresno City College students experiencing food insecurity or other challenges. A Co-op group was created on campus to discuss ways to support our students. The Ram Pantry Co-Op work group which is made up of students, faculty, staff and administrators, created this food drive to currently enroll students experiencing all levels of food insecurity.

Food insecurity is defined as having limited access to adequate food, or not knowing where your next meal will come from. Currently, Fresno is the 5th most food insecure metropolitan city in the US.  Nearly 25% of city residents are unable to consistently put food on their table. Over 11,000 children struggle with hunger daily (Food Research and Action Center).


Within a year and a half roughly 3,400 (unduplicated head count) Fresno City College student received food assistance through the Ram Pantry.  The total impact to community thus far is 56,000 people for every person receiving food assistance in Fresno County impacts an additional five individuals. Students have returned on a regular basis with 11,000 visits and rising. 

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