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How to Afford College

We are affordable at only $46 per unit!  

California Promise Grant (previously BOG) permits enrollment fees to be waived.

Grants are primarily awarded based on a student's financial need and don't have to be repaid.

Scholarships are awarded to students based on merit.

Work-Study awards allow eligible students to earn money through employment.

Loans are financial aid awards that must be repaid with interest after graduation.


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Quick Facts

2015-2016 Financial Aid

Over $42 million in student scholarships and financial aid was awarded!

Students received

  • Board of Governor's Fee Waiver: $15,558,407
  • Grants: $39,150,627
  • Loans: $1,019,401
  • Scholarships: $266,861


Funding per Student by Educational System

  • K-12: $11,601
  • California Community Colleges: $7,949
  • California State University: $14,723
  • University of California: $26,391


We are the largest feeder institution to Fresno State and other universities across the state.  Last year 4,870 students transferred to a 4-year university and 2,733 transferred from Fresno City College to the CSU system.

We are the most affordable with an amazing education!  We have 359 full-time faculty and 763 part-time faculty.

Our campus is 103 acres with 31 buildings.  The oldest building on campus is the Old Administration Building opened in 1916 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places!

Begin your journey on our memorable campus to your future career!

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