Credit by Exam Fees

Credit By Examination (CBE)

With the Credit by Examination provision, a student may challenge a course by passing a comprehensive examination rather than by attending the class sessions and completing homework, and taking regular exams throughout the duration of the class. CBE is ONLY offered during the Fall or Spring semesters, and is considered a Full-Term class regardless of any Short-Term offerings of the course in the current Class Schedule.

Availability of Credit by Examination is at the discretion of the Division Office representing the subject being tested, and the course must be offered in the current course catalog. You may only apply for CBE if it will be your first attempt at earning units for the class, and you must be in good academic standing. Please contact the Division Office for an application packet, including the full list of rules and limitations of this program. 

Earning credits through this process does not earn you a grade any earlier in the semester than taking the class full-term. Your earned letter grade (A through F) and any units earned through the CBE process will be submitted at the same time as full-term class grades at the end of the semester. You will be able to view it on your transcripts and on WebAdvisor after the semester ends and all grades are posted. 


If you qualify and are approved to take a class via Credit by Examination, your fees will be due no later than the end of the 9th week of the semester or you will be denied the opportunity to schedule the exam. Fees are as follows: 

  • $46 per unit registration fee (if you do not have a California Promise Fee Waiver. Students with a waiver will have their fee waived. Loss of the fee waiver after fees have been waived will result in the student becoming responsible for fees.)
  • Plus $315 per unit tuition fee (only if you have not qualified for California Resident rates)

There are no Refunds of Credit By Examination Fees after the 10th week of the semester, regardless of whether or not you take the exam.

Contact the applicable division office to inquire if a course is available to be challenged through CBE:

If you do not know which division teaches the course you are interested in challenging, contact Admissions and Records at 559.443.8604.

The college reserves the right to deny Credit by Examination to any student.