Registration Holds

If you have a hold, you will not be able to

  • register for classes in this term or future terms
  • receive grades, transcripts, verifications, certificates or diplomas
  • access WebAdvisor

A business office hold may result from non-payment of any fees.

Nonpayment of Fee Holds (Business Office Holds)

If you have a hold, contact the business office for hold details at Business holds can be cleared through payment at the business office. Unresolved business office holds may be sent to collections.

These monetary holds will be submitted annually to the Chancellor's Office Tax Offset Program (COTOP) which can affect your tax refunds, or submitted to the district board approved collection agency Conserve. The result of collections may negatively impact your credit. There is no statute of limitations for the length of time the account can be submitted to the COTOP program.

Other Holds

Other holds may also prevent registration. The chart below lists the different types of registration holds and where these holds may be resolved. All holds must be cleared prior to registration.