Associations, Committees and Governance

Governance bodies, councils, committees, workgroups, and associations use a common platform for posting agendas, minutes, and relevant information at the following site: Fresno City College: MyOrgs

In alignment with Administrative Regulation 2410 and 2510, Fresno City College engages in participatory decision-making processes. The Mission, Vision, and Core Values provide direction for how we engage in dialogue and ensure broad participation from faculty, classified professionals, students, and administrators. 

Governance Bodies

Governance bodies are those whose authority is derived from law and regulation, either as written expressly in the law or regulation or as delegated by another group that possesses said authority. Governance groups assess, discuss and make recommendations to the President on topics appropriate to that group as defined in regulations, such as California Code of Regulations Title 5 [section] 53200. Governance groups often rely on subcommittees and ad hocs to complete their work.

The members of governance bodies represent specific constituencies. Each member is responsible to bring information and perspectives from the constituent group into the governance group dialogue as well as to bring information and perspectives from the governance group back to the constituent group.

College Committees and Workgroups

College Committees and Workgroups assist the President in fulfilling the chancellor's and Board's plans, procedures, and policies as well as state mandates. The authority for College Committees and Workgroups is derived from the college and district as the President, Chancellor, and/or Board of Trustees assign specific responsibilities to committees and workgroups.

College Committees and Workgroups are formed to ensure broad participation in planning and completing tasks that have college-wide impact, such as program review, accreditation, safety, facilities, and assessment.

Members are assigned or appointed to serve as College Committee and Workgroup members as representatives of specific constituencies as well as by virtue of their unique expertise or position.


Associations are created by faculty and staff. The associations provide leadership in the development of activities which support our diverse community, rich cultures, and act as advocates for social issues.