Classified Senate Travel and Conference Committee

This committee oversees the granting of Travel and Conference funds to those Classified Staff members wishing to improve themselves, their job skills, or participate in a specific conference.


The approval to use Classified Senate Travel and Conference funds will be determined on a case-by-case basis. However, the following guidelines have been established to insure a fair and impartial review.

  1. You must fill out the "Request for Staff Development Funding" form, and forward it to the Chair of the Travel and Conference Committee. If you do not know the name of the Chair, please contact your area Senator. You will need to attend one of our monthly meetings to submit your request. Classified Senate meets the third Wednesday of each month from 2:00-4:00 in the Library Conference Room. Bring two (2) copies of your request and information about the event, e.g., agenda event, brochure.
  2. A brief written report will be required after your travel. This will be shared with other Classified Professionals. It may also be required when requesting reimbursement.
  3. Please be prepared to answer how this event will improve your participation in the Classified Senate activities, other institutional committees, or how it will promote excellence in your current position.
  4. Available travel and conference funds will also be a deciding factor.
  5. No lodging expenses will be approved for an event less than 100 miles away.
  6. What other funding sources have you approached? What was their response?
  7. After your interview, you will be asked to leave. The committee will then decide whether to approve your request, and if so, for how much. The committee will send back your "Request for Staff Development Funding" form with an approval or disapproval. It will then be your responsibility to forward the appropriate paperwork to the Travel & Conference Chair.
  8. If approved you should forward:
    1. SCCCD Travel & Conference Request form (the budget number will be provided to you by the Travel & Conference Chair or the Classified Senate Treasurer; indicate Classified Senate and how much the Senate is paying.)
    2. Attach approved "Request for Staff Development Funding" form to the front of the Travel and Conference form.
    3. Yellow SCCCD Conditions for Requested Travel" form (contact Susi Nitzel in Administrative Services for form).
    4. When you receive the SCCCD Travel and Conference Request form back, forward to the Classified Senate President:
      1. Any requisitions for conference fees or hotel reservations, etc.
      2. Please make sure to have your supervisor sign the Travel & Conference form before sending it to the Classified Senate President.
      3. If denied, the Travel & Conference Committee will explain why your request was declined. If you feel this was not decided in a fair and impartial manner, you can apply to the full Senate to reconsider this matter. To be placed on the agenda, you must notify in writing the Classified Senate President one week prior to the next meeting.