Professional Development Workgroup

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for overseeing planning, reporting, and surveying for the purpose of directing professional development activities for all employees of Fresno City College. The Committee’s recommendations shall be made to all constituencies and the Strategic Planning Council as appropriate.

2014-2017 Professional Development Plan

MyOrgs: Professional Development Committee

Members 2021-2022
Donna Cooper 2609 Academic Senate
Jennifer Laval 8206 Director of Technology (SM)
Kerry Ybarra-McCutcheon 8714 Academic Senate
Michael Takeda 8920 Faculty Flex Coordinator (SM)
Lorraine Smith 2604 Administration
Robert Torrez 8078 Classified Senate
Ray Ramirez 8779 Student Equity Coordinator (SM)
Susi Nitzel- (Chair) 2365 CSEA
Tabitha Villalba 8089 Academic Senate
Vacant CSEA
Vacant ASG

Operating Agreement Operating Agreement

Flex Day Fall 2016 Brochure