In keeping with our goal of assisting in the efforts to decrease the spread of COVID-19, we will cancel all campus gatherings through June, including commencement.  The Colleges in conjunction with division faculty will be working with their Associated Student Government leaders to develop virtual and remote celebrations that will honor your achievement. 

Graduation is completing your degree. Commencement is the celebration.    
Apply for graduation if you are ready to graduate.


Ready to Graduate?

If you expect to complete your program of study by the end of the Spring Semester, you may be eligible to attend the next Commencement Ceremony.

If you previously attended a college that is not part of the State Center Community College District, make sure you have already transferred all coursework to Fresno City College.

Normally, applications for graduation are processed within six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Applications received after the deadline for the current semester will be delayed. At those times, applications will be held until the next semester and you should allow ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks for processing.

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: Final Day of the semester
  • Spring Semester: April 1st for all Associate Degrees and Certificates
  • Summer Session: Final Day of the final summer session

Virtual Commencement Ceremony Plan

Beginning in April, if you are eligible to participate in the Virtual Commencement Ceremony, you will receive an email via your student email account ( Should you have questions about the Virtual commencement Ceremony, email from your student email account. 

All graduates will receive their diploma or certificate in the mail at the end of the Spring semester. The Virtual Commencement Ceremony is held only once a year, at the end of this Spring Semester. The Certificate, Honors and Commencement Ceremonies are canceled this year due to COVID-19.

  • Deans Medallion Recipients - Degree Candidates who are selected as a Dean's Medallion Recipient will be recognized at the Virtual Commencement Ceremony. Applications for Dean's Medallion are available at the start of the Spring semester and can be found on the Financial Aid Scholarship Website.
  • **Canceled**Honors Ceremony - occurs the week prior to finals week of the Spring semester.
  • **Canceled**Certificate Ceremony - occurs the week prior to finals week of the Spring semester.
  • Virtual Commencement Ceremony Plan - occurs the last Friday of the Spring semester. It is for students who have earned an Associate degree the previous Summer, or Fall, or will be earning their degree in the current Spring semester. The Commencement RSVP link is activated each Spring in April.

If you have not already applied for graduation, you will need to do so before the April 1st deadline for Spring graduation. Reservations for the Virtual Commencement Ceremony and further instructions on attendance will be posted on the Commencement page. It is your responsibility to make your reservations before the RSVP deadlines.

Apply for Graduation

Step 1 - Log into WebAdvisor through MyPortal

All applications for Graduation or for issuance of your Degree or Certificate must be made online through WebAdvisor. On the WebAdvisor Student Menu, select ‘Graduation Application for Degree/Certificate’ from the ‘Graduation/Commencement’ section.

Web Advisor Graduation Application Menu

Step 2 - Select your Major (Degree or Certificate)

When applying for graduation, you may note that you have more than one eligible program (Major). If so, choose the major from which you wish to receive your degree or certificate.

check degree option

If the major from which you wish to receive your degree or certificate is not found, you will need to see counselor to change your major.

Once your correct major is listed, select it and you will be taken to the Application for Graduation screen.

How to find the graduation application link on WebAdvisor (Grad App)          First step of Second step of form for applying for graduation

Once you successfully complete the application and submit it you will receive a confirmation screen. Please check that the following are correct:

  1. Diploma Mailing Address
  2. Name on Diploma
  3. Listed your email address
confirmation screen

You may double-check that you applied correctly by going back to the application screen and looking for the “Date Applied”. If the date of your application has been entered, your application has been forwarded for evaluation.

see Date Applied

If you have questions regarding your eligibility to graduate, email from your student email.

If you have questions regarding the actual commencement ceremony, email from your student email.