Graduation is completing your degree. Commencement is the celebration.    
Apply for graduation if you are ready to graduate.
RSVP for Commencement starting in April. 


Ready to Graduate?

If you expect to complete your program of study by the end of the Spring Semester, you may be eligible to attend the next Commencement Ceremony.

If you previously attended a college that is not part of the State Center Community College District, make sure you have already transferred all coursework to Fresno City College.

Applications for graduation are processed within six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Applications received after the deadline for the current semester may be held until the next semester and you should allow ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks for processing.

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: October 1st
  • Spring Semester: March 1st
  • Summer Session: July 1st

 All graduates will receive their diploma or certificate in the mail approximately 60 days after the end of the semester.

Apply for Graduation

Step 1 - Log into Self-Service through My Portal

All applications for your Degree or Certificate must be submitted online. On the Self-Service Menu, select ‘Apply for Degree/Certificate’. View a detailed video of this and subsequent steps at Graduation Application Instructions

Step 2 - Select your Program of Study (Degree or Certificate)

When applying for graduation, you may note that you have more than one eligible Program of Study (Major). If so, click "Apply" next to the major from which you wish to receive your degree or certificate. Fresno City College majors will begin with an "F." followed by the major number and title.

If the major from which you wish to receive your degree or certificate is not found, you will need to see counselor to add or change your program.

Complete the Graduation Application form and double-check that the following are correct:

  1. Preferred name on Diploma
  2. Mailing address

You may check that your application was submitted by going back to the application screen and looking for the “Application Status”. If the date of your application has been entered, your application has been forwarded for evaluation.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility to graduate, email from your student email.

Step 3 - Allow 4-6 weeks for processing and check your student email for your degree/certificate audit.