Institutional Planning

Institutional Planning includes FCC Strategic Planning, FCC Plans, and District Plans.

Integrated Planning

The integrated planning process at Fresno City College (FCC) begins with the consideration of the college’s mission, vision, and core values. They are the overarching concepts that are considered at all steps of the planning process.

The integrated planning process is continuous and determines planning priorities. An idea can be entered at almost any time in the process. The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) is the college’s governance body with broad constituent representation.

The responsibilities of the SPC include: establishing college goals and objectives, establishing priorities for planning and resources, and monitoring the progress towards the completion of college goals and objectives. SPC Advisory Committees have a major responsibility of supporting and promoting the college's mission, vision, and strategic plan as directed by the SPC.

Fresno City College Plans

Annual Unit / Action Planning

Planning at the college is guided by the Strategic Planning Council (SPC) whose members are drawn college-wide from faculty, classified professionals, students, and administrators. The SPC also has nine advisory committees which provide recommendations on college planning. The SPC has implemented a cycle of planning requiring annual plans that allow for a longer time horizon for complicated strategies as well as the opportunity to assess progress over multiple points of time. The use of annual unit plans provides clarity in the planning process. The Council is responsible for reviewing the progress and accomplishments of the units and committees and serves as the umbrella participatory governance committee for the college. The flowchart indicates the planning processes and how they are integrated with the resource allocation and assessment processes.

Through the program review process goals and activities are identified and depending upon the nature of the goal, an action plan resource request may be submitted. The annual unit plan provides a means of recording and tracking progress and identifies alignment with the FCC Strategic Plan. An annual summary of the strategic objectives and annual unit plan goals is reviewed by the SPC. This provides the institution with valuable information on areas identified through the program review process as being a priority for instructional and administrative units.

Please use the following link to access the Annual Unit/Action Planning documents:

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

1. Communication
Students will demonstrate effective communication and comprehension skills.

  • Comprehend, analyze and respond appropriately to oral, written and visual information. Effectively communicate/express information through speaking, writing and other appropriate modes of communication/expression.

2. Critical Thinking and Information Competency
Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills in problem solving across the disciplines and in daily life.

  • Identify vital questions, problems, or issues and evaluate the reasonableness of a solution.
  • Analyze, compose, and assess the validity of an argument.
  • Analyze multiple representations of quantitative information, including graphical, formulaic, numerical, and verbal.
  • Select and evaluate the accuracy, credibility, and relevance of information sources.

3. Community/Global Awareness and Responsibility
Students will demonstrate knowledge of significant social, cultural, environmental and aesthetic perspectives.

  • Identify the social and ethical responsibilities of the individual in society.
  • Demonstrate commitment to active citizenship.

4. Personal, Academic, and Career Development
Students will assess their own knowledge, skills, and abilities, set personal, educational, and career goals, work independently and in group settings, and identify lifestyle choices that promote self reliance, financial literacy, and physical, mental and social health.

  • Take personal responsibility for identifying academic and psychological-social needs, determining resources, and accessing appropriate services.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate progress towards achieving personal, academic, career goals, and career resilience.
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