*Ram Pathways*

FCC has grouped all of our majors into five pathways. Each pathway consists of a group of related programs of study based on similar core classes and career paths.  Pathways allow you first to determine an overall field of study, and then focus on a program or major to earn a certificate, associate degree, and/or prepare for transfer to a university.

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Arts, Communication and Language

arts film

You enjoy connecting with people either through language, art, music, writing, speech or all of these things—and you like reaching out to bring people together.

Arts, Comm & Language Pathway



You understand the way organizations operate and how to get things done—and you’re ready to get the most out of what you learn.

Business Pathway

Culture, Education and Society


You’re interested in organizations, laws, politics, human interactions, and social bonds that make our planet a rich and diverse place to live.

Culture, Edu & Society Pathway

Health and STEM

staff calculator DNA

You enjoy exploring and understanding the world around you, theoretical, physical, and biological—it’s all a puzzle that drives you to find solutions. You are committed to helping others and are interested in addressing the needs of your community. 

Health & STEM Pathway

Tech and Trades

car and computers

You enjoy working with tools, mechanical or electrical drawings, machines, and equipment —you can explore new technologies that advance productivity and improve our world.


Tech & Trades Pathway

Career Exploration


Not sure?  Visit our Career Exploration Tool to learn more about yourself and careers that match.



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