Committees and Councils

Fresno City College has many committees and organizations involved in the administration and collegiality of the campus. Committee and council web pages can be accessed at the MyOrgs public site

College Council

The College Council, whose members are drawn from college-wide leadership of faculty, classified professionals, students, and administrators, is the college’s main governance body that provides oversight for the strategic planning process.

The responsibilities of the College Council include establishing college goals and objectives, establishing priorities for planning and resources, and monitoring the progress towards the completion of college goals and objectives. To further support the integrated plan process, College Council provides direction and guidance to committees, workgroups, and task forces. College Council Committees have a major responsibility of providing recommendations on college planning, supporting, and promoting the college's mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Program Review Committee

The Program Review committee facilitates an equity framed process by which instructional and non-instructional programs systematically assess themselves using data to ensure currency, relevance, and achievement of stated goals and outcomes that adhere to the college mission, strategic plan, and accreditation standards.

Resource Committee

The purpose of the Resource Committee is to lead, oversee, and regularly review the college resource allocation and planning processes for human resources, physical resources, technological resources, and financial resources. 

Student Equity and Success Committee

The Student Equity and Success committee guides the implementation of research-based equity-minded efforts and provides an agenda and platform for leadership, communication, and coordination in order to maximize the integration of resources that impact student equity, access, and success efforts campus-wide and close equity gaps for students experiencing disproportionate impact

Antiracism Committee

Cultivate a collegewide commitment to ensuring a culture of antiracism in part through inquiry, systems thinking, professional development, policies, and practices.

Guided Pathways Workgroup

The Guided Pathways workgroup is charged with leading the campus in determining how Guided Pathways will be designed and implemented for Fresno City College.

Professional Development Work Group

The Professional Development Work Group revitalizes, inspires, and enhances professional and personal development through a collaborative exchange of ideas, practices, concepts, and programs that promote equity-mindedness, performance, critical thinking, and lifelong learning within and across the college community. Our aim is to cultivate an institutional culture that encourages and values ongoing professional development and strives to embrace the diversity of our world by forging a supportive learning and working environment. 

Academic Standards Committee

Responsible for establishing and implementing guidelines within Board Policy for exempting students from disqualification and for reviewing and recommending to the College President policies, guidelines and/or procedures for academic regulations and standards.

Commencement Committee

The Commencement Committee is responsible for the planning and organization of the College’s Commencement activities including the Commencement Exercises, Honors Ceremony, Certificate Ceremony, and Dean’s Medallion Ceremony. The Committee is made up of a diverse collection of faculty, staff, and administrators from various departments on campus.

Financial Aid Appeals Committee

The financial aid appeal committee reviews appeals for students who are not meeting financial aid satisfactory academic standards and/or have reached maximum timeframe. The appeal committee consists of members from various departments. They meet once a week to review the appeals and determine an approved or denied status.

Sabbatical Leave Committee

The District may grant a leave of absence for study and travel (sabbatical) under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to any academic employee who has rendered service to the District for at least six consecutive years preceding the granting of the leave, but not more than one such leave of absence shall be granted in each six-year period. Sabbaticals for academic employees who are members of the bargaining unit will be governed by the collective bargaining agreement.

Salary Class Advancement Evaluation Committee

The class advancement committee evaluates class advancement requests from full-time faculty then makes a recommendation to human resources regarding salary placement. In addition, the committee is responsible for pre-approving classes for advancement that are outside the faculty member’s professional assignment, lower division units, and any training, workshops, CEU’s, etc.

Speakers' Forum Committee

The Speakers' Forum Committee finds speakers of various topics and interests to bring to the campus. Each year the topics can vary according to what is of the social interest, need or availability.