Committees and Councils

Fresno City College has many committees and organizations involved in the administration and collegiality of the campus.

Academic Senate

The Senate facilitates communication among the faculty, the college and district administration, the students, and the Board of Trustees. The Senate strives to promote the development and maintenance of teaching excellence within the framework of academic freedom, professional responsibility, and ethics. (Title 5 §53200).

Classified Senate

Classified Senate promotes the valuable contributions made by classified professionals in creating an environment that will lead to the greatest level of student success. The Senate encourages the exchange of ideas, understanding, and cooperation between classified staff, faculty, administrators, and students in the best interest of enriching the educational environment. We are here to help you meet those goals. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and your participation is greatly appreciated. Classified Senate ensures that the concerns and successes of the staff on campus can be shared.

Academic Standards Committee

Responsible for establishing and implementing guidelines within Board Policy for exempting students from disqualification and for reviewing and recommending to the College President policies, guidelines and/or procedures for academic regulations and standards.

Budget Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Budget Advisory Committee is to represent the college community and to ensure the financial resources of the college are allocated in response to priorities established in the planning processes of the institution, including strategic planning and program review.

College Governance Review Committee

The purpose of the College Governance Review Committee is to ensure that all constituent groups actively participate in the college's planning and decision-making. The role of the committee is to review and ensure that the participatory governance process is maintained. The College Governance Review Committee does not make recommendations related to the actual decision, but rather serves as an investigating body regarding whether or not participatory governance has been followed.

Commencement Committee

The Commencement Committee is responsible for the planning and organization of the College’s Commencement activities including the Commencement Exercises, Honors Ceremony, Certificate Ceremony, and Dean’s Medallion Ceremony. The Committee is made up of a diverse collection of faculty, staff, and administrators from various departments on campus.

Distance Education Advisory Committee

The Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) is responsible for reporting and making recommendations to the Strategic Planning Council on all matters related to Distance Education. The duties of this committee are:

  • Develop, write, implement and evaluate policies and procedures related to:Develop, write, implement, and evaluate standards of proficiency that will be required to teach a distance education course.
    • The development of and support for programs, degrees, and courses in distance education.
    • Technical, administrative, and academic support to promote distance learner success.
    • Technical, administrative, and professional support for faculty who teach distance education courses.
  • Develop, write, implement, and evaluate outcomes and assessment measures of the distance education program.
  • Develop, write, evaluate, and update the Fresno City College Distance Education Plan.
  • Participate in the preparation of college accreditation self-evaluation as appropriate.
  • Provide an annual report of distance education committee activities to the Strategic Planning Council.

Enrollment Management Committee

The Enrollment Management Committee recommends to the President and the Strategic Planning Council goals, objectives, intended outcomes, strategic activities, and assessment and evaluation of data that will support campus efforts to facilitate and improve student enrollment, retention, persistence, and success.

Facilities/Environmental Health & Safety Committee

The purpose of the Fresno City College Facilities Committee is to support the College’s Strategic Plan goals and objectives by promoting safe, adequate, well-maintained facilities that support excellence in education and maintain the beauty and historical significance of our facilities.

Financial Aid Appeals Committee

The financial aid appeal committee reviews appeals for students who are not meeting financial aid satisfactory academic standards and/or have reached maximum timeframe. The appeal committee consists of members from various departments. They meet once a week to review the appeals and determine an approved or denied status.

Human Resources Committee

The Purpose of the Human Resources Committee is to represent the College community and identify college human resource needs in response to priorities established in the planning process of the institution including strategic planning and program review.

Institutional Research and Effectiveness Committee

The Institutional Research and Effectiveness Committee is responsible for reporting and making recommendations to the Strategic Planning Council on all matters related to research, evaluation, and data to ensure that research supports the college in carrying out its mission.

Management Council

The purposes of Management Council are to make management decisions or recommendations to the president, clarify and/or define college operational policies and procedures and make recommendations to the president as appropriate, coordinate college planning and budgeting efforts, share information of interest or concern with administration, and address problems or concerns that are not addressed elsewhere in the organization of the college.

Outcomes & Assessment Committee

The Mission/Purpose of the Outcomes & Accessment Committee (OAC) is to oversee all campus assessment activities. The primary responsibility for developing outcomes and analysis of the assessment data lies within the individual instructional and support groups of the college.

The Outcomes and Assessment Committee meets once per month to facilitate dialogue and reporting of SLOs. Refer to the Committee Operating Agreement for more details.

Each academic division of the college should have a representative serving on the committee. Additional appointed members represent the campus.

President's Advisory Council

The President's Advisory Council helps to advise the president on operational and policy issues and concerns.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for overseeing planning, reporting, and surveying for the purpose of directing professional development activities for all employees of Fresno City College. The Committee’s recommendations shall be made to all constituencies and the Strategic Planning Council as appropriate.

Program Review Committee

As part of the integrated planning process, the Program Review Committee is responsible for maintaining a process by which instructional and non-instructional programs systematically assess themselves using data to ensure currency, relevance, and achievement of stated goals and outcomes that adhere to the college mission and strategic plan.

Sabbatical Leave Committee

The District may grant a leave of absence for study and travel (sabbatical) under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to any academic employee who has rendered service to the District for at least six consecutive years preceding the granting of the leave, but not more than one such leave of absence shall be granted in each six-year period. Sabbaticals for academic employees who are members of the bargaining unit will be governed by the collective bargaining agreement.

Salary Class Advancement Evaluation Committee

The class advancement committee evaluates class advancement requests from full-time faculty then makes a recommendation to human resources regarding salary placement. In addition, the committee is responsible for pre-approving classes for advancement that are outside the faculty member’s professional assignment, lower division units, and any training, workshops, CEU’s, etc.

Speakers' Forum Committee

The Speakers' Forum Committee finds speakers of various topics and interests to bring to the campus. Each year the topics can vary according to what is of the social interest, need or availability.

Strategic Planning Council

The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) is the college's decision making body that coordinates the college's strategic planning process by establishing college goals and objectives, establishing priorities for planning and resources, monitoring the progress towards the completion of college goals and objectives and establishing ad hoc committees essential to the strategic planning implementation. The SPC considers recommendations from Program Review and Strategic Planning Advisory Committees when making decisions.

Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) develops, writes, evaluates, and updates the Fresno City College Campus Technology Plan. The purpose of the TAC is to evaluate, review, and advise in planning for acquisition, maintenance, and use of current and future technology throughout the college. The committee submits policy recommendations that are strategic in nature to the Strategic Planning Council, operational in scope to the College President, and acts as an advisory board to the District Technology Committee. In addition, the committee recommends training activities that assist all college faculty and staff in the uses of technology.