Participatory Governance

Representation is an important aspect of college governance. The members of governance bodies represent specific constituencies. Each member is responsible to bring information and perspectives from the constituent group into the governance group dialogue as well as to bring information and perspectives from the governance group back to the constituent group.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the organization on campus that represents faculty in the formation of policy in “Academic and Professional Matters”.

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Associated Student Government

The Fresno City College Associated Student Government is the voice of the students. ASG is a group of progressive-minded individuals combining efforts to achieve an overall goal of making sure the students are heard among faculty and administration at Fresno City College.

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Classified Senate

Classified Senate promotes the valuable contributions made by classified professionals in creating an environment that will lead to the greatest level of student success. The Senate encourages the exchange of ideas, understanding, and cooperation between classified staff, faculty, administrators, and students in the best interest of enriching the educational environment. We are here to help you meet those goals. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and your participation is greatly appreciated. Classified Senate ensures that the concerns and successes of the staff on campus can be shared.

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Management Council

The purposes of Management Council are to make management decisions or recommendations to the president, clarify and/or define college operational policies and procedures and make recommendations to the president as appropriate, coordinate college planning and budgeting efforts, share information of interest or concern with administration, and address problems or concerns that are not addressed elsewhere in the organization of the college.

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College Council

College Council is a planning and oversight body designed to ensure the college is equitably serving the students in our region. The council facilitates communication between constituents and the President and is responsible for making student centered and equity-minded recommendations to the President on college-wide matters with respect to resource allocation, student equity and success, health and safety, and program review in alignment with the strategic plan and accreditation standards.