Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

The CAM program prepares you for high tech jobs as a CNC operator or CNC programmer in the advanced manufacturing industry which has become crucial to the U.S. economy.

The curriculum provides the foundation to operate and setup computer numerical control machines that produce precision metal parts, instruments, and the tools involved with the manufacturing of products. The curriculum provides you with a knowledgeable foundation using the CAM laboratory with MasterCAM software and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines.The CAM program teaches students a vast array of CNC Vertical Milling Centers, CNC Lathes and CNCs with fourth and five axes.

In addition to upgrading technical skills for those currently in manufacturing, this program prepares you for NIMS certifications.

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For more detailed information regarding the actual CAM classes (not registration), please email the instructor, Mark McCollough, or call his number 559.442.8200 ext.8735.

To learn more about the CAM program and courses, contact an Applied Technology counselor. 

Counselors are available in the Applied Technology Division Office to assist students with creating a Student Education Plan for an CAM Degree or Certificate.

To see recommended courses, see the Catalog.  To see upcoming scheduled classes, see the Schedule of Classes


Tuition for the California Community College system is $46 per unit.

A student will have the option of choosing one out of two certificates of achievement available within the CAM program:

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing – Major #8271 – Certificate of Achievement
    • Courses include:
      • CAM-5 CNC Operation & Maintenance for Machinist 2.5 units
      • CAM-10 CNC Mill Programming & Operation I 4.0 units
      • CAM-15 CNC Programming for Machinist 2.5 units
      • CAM-20 CNC Mill Programming & Operation II 4.0 units
      • CAM-26 Lathe Programming & Operation II 3.0 units
      • CAM-31 Multi-Axis Milling & Programming 3.0 units
    • Students will need 19 units of completion for this certificate, or a total of $874 in tuition costs.

  • 3D CAD/CAM – Major #3055 – Certificate
    • Courses include:
      • CADD-16 3D Solid Modeling I 3.0 units
      • CADD-26A 3D Solid Modeling II 3.0 units
      • CAM-5 CNC Operation & Maintenance for Machinist 2.5 units
      • CAM-10 CNC Mill Programming & Operation I 4.0 units
      • DRAFT-12 Drafting Practices 3.0 units
    • Students will need 15.5 units of completion for this certificate, or a total of $713 in tuition costs.

Financial Aid, if available to the student, can cover tuition. Review our Financial Aid Zoom workshop noted below.

There are no costs for textbooks for this program.

Required Fees:

  • Health fee ($21 per semester, $13 if off campus/online per semester)
  • Associated Student Body Fee ($2 per semester, but opportunity to waive the fee at the time of registration if the student so chooses.)
  • Material fees ($155 for the certificate, effective Fall 2020)

Optional fees:

  • Parking pass ($30 per semester)
  • Student ID card ($5)

Costs for required equipment— must be purchased by the end of the first week:

  • Safety Glasses (Z87 approved) $15.00
  • Steel covered toe shoes/boots $150.00
  • 6-piece, Machinist caliper and micrometer tool kit $120.00
  • 2” Binder $10.00
  • File storage: Two (2) memory sticks or flash drives $15.00

A student can pay in one or a combination of ways: directly using a credit card, through a grant (attend or review our Financial Aid Zoom workshop noted above for grant information), or with a scholarship or fee waiver through partner programs.

The Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate has the potential for entry-level and mid-level job placement in Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine Tool Programming, Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operating, or Machining. A potential resource for investigating jobs in the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) field is: O-Net OnLine

Yes! The Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate is stackable – the units count toward an associate degree in Computer Aided Manufacturing or can be used as undergraduate coursework toward transferring to a 4-year institution of higher education.

Every 4-year college accepts coursework differently, however, Fresno City College has a partnership with Fresno State’s Industrial Technology program, where they accept all of this coursework as electives for undergraduate work.

The Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate is a “stackable” certificate meaning that your successful completion of this certificate can be used to apply for additional manufacturing-related certificates and/or the Computer Aided Manufacturing associate degree.

The Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate is a “stackable” certificate meaning that your successful completion of this certificate can be used as valuable training in conjunction with other manufacturing-related certificates such as Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD), Electrical, Industrial Maintenance Mechanics, or Welding programs. If cross-training is not of interest, these courses in the Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate are applicable to both the Computer Aided Manufacturing and the Industrial Technology associate degree as well as transfer potential for the Industrial Technology bachelor’s degree at Fresno State. When the student applies for a bachelor’s degree program, the 4-year institution of higher education would make the decision as to which courses are fully transferable. Consult with a college counselor in order to discuss these opportunities.

This Computer Aided Manufacturing program uses the same registration system as all California Community Colleges. A student must apply through CCCApply, if not already a California Community College student, in order to receive a student identification number. Once you have a student identification number, we can arrange for a counselor appointment to discuss the program and/or assist with registration through WebAdvisor.

For more assistance with applying to Fresno City College, please access one or more of the resources below:

Initial Steps

If you are a first-time student, transfer student, high school student, graduating senior, or returning student, and would like to apply to become a Fresno City College student, start the enrollment process with the application, portal and email, orientation, advising, financial aid, and registration.  Or feel free to join a Live Help via Zoom Session and find out more.

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If you are a first-time student in California Community College system and would like to find out more about how to get started at Fresno City College with the support in a cohort, feel free to join an Office Hour and find out more.


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For Extreme Registration, here is the link (will be updated later in Summer 2022):

If you are interested in dropping in for some academic counseling support, have registration questions, need financial aid assistance, or have questions about fees and payment, please join in one of the Extreme Registration activities listed above, or call 559-442-8226 during event hours to get placed in the queue or they can sign up through the virtual Kiosk. The Kiosk is closed until the day and time of the event.

The Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate is designed to deliver six courses for a total of 19 units, over a period of nine weeks for each course. Typical this can occur over a two-semester period. 

The Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate does not use any third-party industry certifications associated with this program, but there are third-party certificates that can be taken by the student after finishing the program.

  • Some third-party certificate examples at a cost to the student are:
    • Haas Operation Certificate:
      • Only given at Selway Machine Tool in Union City, CA
      • Cost $150 paid to Selway Machine Tool
    • Online with Mastercam University:
      • Cost is about $120
      • FCC CAM does not specifically train to take this test, but enough information will be given in the CAM program to help work through one’s own pace to complete all courses to earn a Mastercam Certificate.

The Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate instructor(s) can assist with job placement opportunities. In the second semester you could choose to take a course, AT-19, for a paid or unpaid work experience to build your resume and begin working in your field of study.