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The Computer Information Technology (CIT) faculty offers a wide variety of technology courses covering everything from practical skills in Excel, to cyber security, networking, and mobile application development. Committed to constantly learning new technologies, our faculty routinely interact with local tech experts and employers to ensure they are teaching in-demand skills that provide students the advantage they need to secure a great job.



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Certification Program: Cybersecurity

Tuition for the California Community College system is $46 per unit.  There are 25 units needed to complete this certificate, for a total of $1,150 in tuition costs.  Financial Aid, if available to the student can cover tuition. Fill out the FAFSA to determine eligibility.

Required Fees:

  1. Health fee ($21 per semester, $13 if off campus/online per semester)
  2. Associated Student Body fee ($2 per semester, but opportunity to waive the fee at the time of registration if the student so chooses)

Optional fees:

  • Parking pass ($30 per semester)
  • Student ID card ($5)

There are no costs for textbooks. The Cybersecurity certificate program is a Zero Textbook Cost program.

Fresno City College offers financial aid through the California Promise program. Additional resources may include eligibility through the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board/Workforce Connection, Bridge Academy, Reading and Beyond, and/or CalWORKS.

Otherwise, a student can enroll using the normal payment methods, cash or credit card, with the tuition basis of $46 per unit of study for the 25-unit Cybersecurity certificate program.

The Cybersecurity Certificate has the potential for entry-level to mid-level job placement or advancement in IT settings.

It depends. The Cybersecurity certificate is a “stackable” certificate meaning that successful completion of these courses can be used as a foundation for advanced information communication technology (ICT) certificates.  The courses in the Cybersecurity certificate are industry recognized courses.  A student can apply for a bachelor’s degree program and request the curriculum they have successfully completed for the Cybersecurity certificate to be transferred towards a bachelor’s degree. Note that the school for which the student is applying would need to make the decision as to which courses are fully transferable. Consult with a college counselor.

Cybersecurity Certificate program uses the same registration system as all California Community Colleges. A student must apply through CCCApply, if not already a California Community College student, in order to receive a student identification number. Once you have a student identification number, we can arrange for a counselor appointment to discuss the program and/or assist with registration through WebAdvisor.

The Cybersecurity certificate is designed to deliver 8 courses for a total of 25 units over a period of 9 weeks for each course (2 at a time). In typical scheduling, this can occur within one year. Each cohort group of students will start and finish the program together. This is a full-time program.

Yes. Students are strongly encouraged to arrange and take specific industry valued certification exams after each course. Instructors at the colleges can provide more information. The examinations are: CompTIA IT Fundamentals (CIT 48A), CompTIA A+ (2 exams, CIT 48B), CompTIA Network+ (CIT45), Cisco CCENT (CIT 49), CompTIA Security+ (CIT 59C), and Cyber OPS (CIT 54B).

No, the student can decide which, if any, national exam he/she wants to sit. The student can sit for all, or none of the national certification exams, but still successfully complete the Cybersecurity Certificate Program, to achieve an entry-level certificate.

The Career and Employment Center can assist with job placement opportunities, or you can choose to take a CIT-19 course for a paid or unpaid work experience to build your resume and begin working in your field of study.

Email Lori Swain, our Business Education Division counselor for additional information.