Office Technology

Office occupations continue to have a large labor-market demand nationally. Business & Technology courses provide students knowledge of how to use current computer software tools and devices in addition to providing students good organization skills coupled with a strong work ethic.


  • Office Professional I Associate in Science (F.2062.AS)
  • Office Professional II Associate in Science (F.2214.AS)
  • Legal Office Professional Associate in Science (F.2103.AS)


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Please contact the Business Counselor, Lori Swain, or Melinda Shirey, Business & Technology Instructor/Department Chair.

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FAQs about One-Person Office Certificate

  • Tuition for the California Community College system is $46 per unit. 
  • There are 14 units of completion for this certificate, or a total of $644 in tuition costs.
  • Financial Aid, if available and can cover tuition, and is available through application to the California Community Colleges California College Promise Program.

Book and unit costs for Certificate
Course / Book Book Cost Unit Cost
BT 5 - Business Communication Essentials $100.00 $138
BT 131 - College Accounting $114.75 $161
BT 31 - No Book $0 $69
BT 33 - Mind Tap Computing  $157.50 $138
BT 33 - Big Book of Apps $24.00 -
BT 132 - No Book $0 $138
Totals $396.25 $644

Required fees:
  • Health fee: $21 per semester, $13 if off campus/online per semester
  • Associate Student Body fee: $2

Optional fees:

  • Parking pass: $30 per semester
  • Student ID card: $5 per semester (includes FAX pass)

A student can pay in one or a combination of ways: directly using a credit card, through a grant (review our Financial Aid videos below for grant information), or with a scholarship or fee waiver through partner programs:

The One Person Office certificate has the potential for entry-level to mid-level job placement/advancementin a small office setting or being self-employed. A potential resource for investigating jobs in an office setting is O*Net Online

The One Person Office certificate is stackable towards an associate degree in Office Professional-One-Person Office EmphasisA stackable certificate means the certificate can be used to apply for additional related certificates and/or the Office Professional-One-Person Office Emphasis Aassociate Ddegree.

The stackable One Person Office Certificate can be used as valuable training. If cross training is not of interest, these courses are applicable to both Office Professional-One-Person Ooffice Emphasis Associate Degree, as well as transfer potential for CSU Fresno. When the student applies for a bachelor degree program, the 4-year institution of higher education would make the decision as to which courses are fully transferableble.

Consult with our Business Technologies career counselor in order to discuss these opportunities.

This certificate is a “stackable” certificate meaning that your successful completion of this certificate can be used to apply for additional related certificates and/or the associate degree.

The One Person Office certificate program uses the same registration systems as all California Community Colleges. A student must apply through CCCApply, if not already a California Community College student, in order to receive a student identification number. Once you have a student identification number, we can arrange for a counselor appointment to discuss the program and/or assist with registration through WebAdvisor.

The One Person Office certificate is designed to deliver five courses for a total of 14 units, over a period of 9 weeks for each course. In typical scheduling this can occur within one semester. Each cohort group of students will start and finish the semester together.

The One Person Office certificate does not have any third party industry certifications associated with the program.

The One Person Officer certificate instructor(s) can assist with job placement opportunities, or you can choose to take a BT-19 course for a paid or unpaid work experience to build your resume and begin working in your field of study.