New Faculty Guide

Welcome! This is a comprehensive orientation for the new faculty member and an on-going resource.

Also be sure to check out the Resource Guide which includes information for adjunct faculty!

Getting Started

This section will acquaint you with the FCC campus, provide contact information, and a thorough Checklist.

Preparation for Instruction

Teacher Attendance/Punctuality

You are required to be on time, take roll and to hold classes through the entire scheduled class session.

Teacher Absence

If you have a planned absence, please notify your Division office to complete the appropriate paperwork and coordinate a substitute. If you have an unexpected absence, contact your Division Office as soon as possible so that they may notify students in a timely manner.

Record Keeping

Class Rosters

Class rosters are the official list of students registered for each course The initial class rosters will be distributed in hard copy format on the first Monday of the new semester. They will be delivered to your mailbox in the Administration Building, along with “student instructions to add” sheets. You will need to pick them up from this location before your first class meeting. No further rosters will be distributed. After the initial census period (the first three weeks of classes) you will manage your rosters via WebAdvisor. If you need copies of your roster, you may download them from WebAdvisor at any time.

Adding Students

Students may be added to your class using the add labels provided with your class roster. Place the label on one of the “Student Instructions to Add” sheets. The sheets are placed in your mailbox on the first day of instruction along with the initial class rosters. You may obtain additional add sheets in the Mail Room. If you need additional add labels, contact Admission and Records.

A student may not continue to attend your class unless they have been officially added. It is critical that you do not add students beyond your “cap,” or maximum amount of students allowed for your section. The “cap” information is on your initial roster, in WebAdvisor, and can also be obtained from your Division Office. If you have questions about this, please see your Dean.

Dropping Students

You are required to drop students who do not show up for the first day of classes. You should also drop students that have missed two consecutive weeks of instruction or accumulated the maximum amount of absences as indicated in your syllabus. You drop students through WebAdvisor up until the day prior to census for a full drop and up to the 9th week for a “W” in 18-week classes. Students may not be dropped after the 9th week. Refer to the schedule of courses for the exact date of the final drop deadline. Do not advise students whether or not they will receive a refund.

Student Attendance

Attendance must be taken every day. As an instructor you can choose the gradebook and student attendance solution of your choice, but regardless of the method you choose, you will be required to submit detailed attendance sheets in Excel format when you submit grades. Therefore we recommend you choose an application that exports attendance data in Excel format. Dropped Students must remain on the roster to show attendance prior to the drop for legal purposes. Our campus uses Canvas as its Learning Management System (LMS) and it includes a feature to take and keep track of attendance which exports data into Excel format. As we imagine many of you will choose to use Canvas to keep track of attendance, so we are including the steps to export and submit attendance using Canvas below.

Electronic Roster

Download roster into Excel

  1. In Canvas, click on the Attendance link in your course's main navigation area.
  2. In the upper right corner click on the gear icon to reveal a menu of options.
  3. Click on "Attendance Report".
  4. On the page that follows choose the starting and end dates for the current semester.
  5. Do NOT put a student ID in the SIS Student ID field. Doing so will generate a report for only one student. You want your report to include data for all students. Leave the field blank.
  6. Make sure your email is correct in the final field.
  7. Click on "Run Report".
  8. In a few minutes you will be emailed a link to download your report. Click on the link to download your attendance report in .csv format. This file can be opened in Excel.
  9. Login to WebAdvisor
  11. Select "Class Roster and Micrograde Download"
  12. Select the term and submit
  13. Click the box to the left of the Roster you wish to copy and submit
  14. Highlight all of the text in the window
  15. Right click the mouse and copy
  16. Paste onto the Notepad file. Save file. It will be a .txt file.
  17. Open Excel.
  18. In Excel select File Open and find the .txt file you just created.
  19. Text Import Wizard will begin. Select delimited. Next. Next. Finish.


Grading needs to be consistent with what is stated in your syllabus. Grading must be fair, reasonable and directly based upon class assignments. You may find it valuable to refer to previous syllabi for options regarding the number and types of assignments, and weight assigned to each. Check with your Division Office for other syllabi to reference.

Early Alert Program

The Early Alert program is designed as a timely intervention for students who are having academic difficulty each semester. The program gives instructional faculty and student services the opportunity to address students’ needs and access support services. The program strives to assist faculty and staff in improving the motivation and performance of underachieving students in effort to improve FCC’s capacity to retain these students, facilitating beneficial dialogue between students, faculty, and counselors, and support service personnel. For further information, refer to Early Alert link. The Early Alert form for faculty is available on WebAdvisor


If a student has been dropped from class on or after the first day of class, they may be reinstated with the instructor’s permission. The student must obtain the appropriate Reinstatement form from Admissions and Records or their web site. The instructor must indicate the terms for reinstatement (such as completion of certain assignments) and sign the form. Check WebAdvisor for current status. WebAdvisor is updated every fifteen minutes.


An instructor may assign an Incomplete (“I” on the student’s records) to a student as a result of incomplete academic work for an unforeseeable, emergency and justifiable reason at the end of the term. Forms may be obtained from Admissions and Records. District Policy on this issue as well as detailed instructions are on the forms or you may refer to Admissions and Records for assistance. The form must be submitted with your final roster and grades.

Academic Calendar/Deadlines

All significant academic dates and deadlines are published in the first few pages of the Schedule of courses. These include both beginning and ending dates for instruction, holidays and breaks, end of 9-week drop period, and the semester Finals schedule, among many others. These important dates can also be accessed at the link Academic Calendar.

Special Classroom Considerations

DSP&S Students

Regarding the needs of disabled students The Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) is a comprehensive disabled student services program, committed to assisting students by providing physical access and appropriate support services for students with verified disabilities so they can fully participate in college. DSP&S provides an Instructor’s Guide that will give you some general guidelines for working with any student who learns differently or requires accommodations in the classroom.

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact DSP&S located in the Administration Building, 559-442-8237.


Campus police can be contacted at extension 5911. If you use your cell phone, it is 442-5911.

Many classrooms are equipped with emergency alert systems (panic button) that automatically alert the campus police and activate a two-way communication system or classroom phones that have a designated emergency button. The system is designed to be utilized in the event of someone in the classroom getting hurt or becoming seriously agitated or threatening.

Check with your Division Office for more information about this system and your classroom(s).


State Center Community College District has an emergency alert messaging system called 1st2know. Once signed up, this system will notify you of any emergency situation on campus by sending a text message to your cell phone. Sign up at First to Know

End of Semester

Turn in Grades

Step: #1 Log final grades on WebAdvisor

Grades must be turned in electronically to the Admissions and Records Office shortly after the end of instruction for classes. Please be prepared for a short turnaround time between the end of the term and the due date for grades. You will find the specific deadline on the academic calendar/deadlines in the Schedule of Classes, however grades are usually due at noon on the first Monday after the end of finals week. Instructions on how to enter your final grades in WebAdvisor.

Step #2: Upload Final Grade Roster and Attendance

Your grade rosters and attendance must also be submitted to Admissions & Records. Click here for instructions on how to Upload your Roster. For assistance with submitting your grades electronically, please see Jon Wilson in LI-141 (in the Media Center). Technology Support also offers classes in submitting grades during the last two weeks of the semester. Step by step instructions may also be picked up at your Division Office.

Instructors who do not meet the deadline are subject to disciplinary action.

Turn in Keys

At the end of the spring and summer sessions, you must turn in your keys to Administrative Services. If you are teaching a spring course following a fall teaching assignment, it is likely you will not be required to turn in your keys during the Winter Break. Check with your Division for more information.

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