Emergency Preparedness Training

Program Details

Program Highlights

Recognizing Dangerous Behavior in the Workplace & Responding to Active Threats

Take this training to prepare for the unlikely event of an active threat in your workplace. According to data from the FBI and Secret Service, 96% of active assailants in the workplace plan the attack in advance. This means they give off indicators of dangerous behavior. Learn what to look for to identify these behaviors.

Learn case-study information from previous workplace violence occurrences to recognize the patterns of behavior to help prevent a potential attack. Learn the key actions you should take during an active shooter emergency to increase your chance of survival. Practice the OODA Decision Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act) to determine if your best course of action is run, hide, or fight. Experience a mock gunman scenario and practice the actions to keep you safe.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone concerned about emergency preparedness or who has responsibility for safety in their workplace

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify dangerous & suspicious behavior in the workplace
  • When and to whom to report such behavior within your organization and with law enforcement
  • What you should do during an active threat or active shooter emergency

Program Highlights

  • Includes hands-on, activity-based learning
  • Features a mock active shooter event at the end of the session
  • Taught by current and retired law enforcement, corrections, and fire fighter personnel


Date & Times

Friday, February 8, 2019

Morning Session: 8:00am to 12:00pm

Afternoon Session: 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Registration Fee

$125 per person


SCCCD Herndon Campus, 390 W Fir Avenue, Building B, Room 308, Clovis, CA 93611

Space is limited! Registration in advance required! Call 559.324.6461 or 1.800.934.3339

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received up to five (5) working days before the course start date are refundable, minus a $25 processing fee. After that, cancellations are subject to the entire course fee. Please note that if you don't cancel and don't attend, you are responsible for payment.

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