Telework and Telecommuting Training

Program Details

Program Highlights

  • Self-Management: Solve Problems on Your Own, Stay Motivated, and Build Good at Home Work Habits
  • Time Management: Identify and Remove Time Wasters, Set Priorities, Deadlines, and Schedules
  • Planning and Organizing: Establish Goals, Stick to Deadlines, and Develop a Normal Working Day
  • Communication: Establish Clear Communication, Use of tools to Communicate, Expectations, Collaboration, and Sharing Information
  • Additional Challenges: Trust, Rapport, Isolation, and feedback

Who Should Attend 

  • Working Professions who want to be more productive and successful in a Work at Home Environment

Online Participation Requirements

  • This is a self-paced class with no instructor.
  • Study on your own schedule to complete all Learning Modules.

Equipment Requirements

  • Laptop or Mobile device with internet access.

Online Registration

Dates and Times


  • 100% Online

Registration Fee

  • $59 per person

Call 559.243.7530 or email Celia Zamora with questions or requests for private corporate training.