Networking Computer Technician

This curriculum is designed to meet the training needs for qualified entry-level microcomputer and networking technicians. You will learn how to connect multiple P.C.'s and sites, interconnect computer resources such as: printers, file storage, file sharing, email and inter office messaging and memo. You will also learn the physical medium for networking including interconnections and the hardware components such as repeaters, routers, hubs and bridges.


  • EST - Networking Computer Technician (F.8172.AS)


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To learn more about the Networking Computer program and courses, contact an Applied Technology counselor. 

Counselors are available in the Applied Technology Division Office to assist students with creating a Student Education Plan for an Industrial Technology Degree.

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EST Club

EST Club meets on Tuesdays from 12 to 1. The main objective of the EST Club is to help promote the electrical systems program at Fresno City College. In addition to promoting the program, EST club provides support to those students who are in the program by

  • sharing old textbooks
  • sharing job listings
  • creating a network of students who share common goals

In the past the EST Club has done volunteer work with Grid Alternatives doing photovoltaic installations and volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. In addition to the volunteer work the club has done off campus, EST club members participate in conjunction with Student Activities office volunteering for Ram pantry, Ram doggy, and the annual Renaissance Festival. It serves as a valuable model for successful learning.