Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Alpha Gamma Sigma is a statewide community college honor society whose purpose is promoting, sustaining, and acknowledging academic achievement and organizing functions and events which provide cultural, social, leadership and enrichment experiences to the community college lifestyle.


  • Scholarship opportunities from our school and the state AGS
  • Recognition and serve awards to deserving chapter members
  • Participation in activities on campus
  • Letters of recommendation for college transfers and other notable endeavors
  • Elected officer positions
  • Development of leadership abilities
  • Promotion of civic awareness and service
  • Formation of lifelong friendships
  • Opportunities to attend regional and state conferences
  • Permanent membership in AGS

The acronym, AGS, stands for Alpha Gamma Sigma: The Community College Honor Scholarship Society. The Greek title represents the following words:

Alpha means “arête,” or “good character and virtue”
Gamma means “gnosis,” or “knowledge”
Sigma means “sophrosyne,” or “good judgment”


You qualify to become an AGS member if you:

  1. Have completed 12 semester units of college work in a maximum of two semesters at any recognized institution of higher education and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, or
  2. Have graduated from high school with a minimum GPA of 3.5, or
  3. Are life members of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

Fill out an application along with membership dues: $35.00 (checks made to AGS)

For further information, visit the state website: AGS Honors Society Web Site