Note Taking Assistance

Confirm/Cancel once class has begun

Students Receiving Note Taking Assistance: Confirm/Cancel Note-taking Request once class has begun.

During COVID most lectures will be recorded and uploaded into Canvas. This practice allows you to view the recorded lecture as many times as needed, at your pace. These videos should also be transcribed providing you access to verbatim notes of the lecture. This reduces the need for peer notetaking. Connect with your instructor if you need transcribed notes in addition to the course recording. Feel free to contact the DSP&S office with any questions or assistance related to note-taking.

STEP 1: Log into DSPS AIM

AIM icon in student portal

STEP 2: You should see an important message appear in AIM 

 Screenshot of upload notice

STEP: 3 You will be guided to: 
  • Confirm your request: which means you are attending live lectures or your recorded class lectures do not have captions available or they are in a format you can not understand.
  • Cancel (deselect) your request: which means your course lecture content is already available to you in some format.

Please know you can speak with your DSP&S office at any time to make sure your notetaking needs are being addressed.

How to Access Peer Notes Uploaded in AIM

STEP 1: Log Into AIM 

AIM logo

STEP 2: Click On Notetaking Services (confirm if needed)

STEP 3: Once notes are uploaded, you will be able to see them and download them here.