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SCCCD Technology Plan

Dec 14, 2018

Dear Fresno City College Faculty, Staff and Students,

As the semester draws to a close, there are still many critical projects underway that will help shape the future of our District and will have a lasting impact to our students.  Today I am writing to ask that you spend some time to provide our District your valuable insights. You are probably aware the District has undertaken an effort in consultation with Cambridge West Partnership (CWP) to prepare a District-wide technology plan to better serve students/staff and address accreditation findings.

The purpose of the SCCCD District-wide Technology Plan 2019-2022 is to describe the technology themes, goals and initiatives that SCCCD will work collectively across the District to achieve. The plan is designed to work in concert with and in support of the campus strategic and technology plans, not to supersede or supplant those plans.  This plan was ddeveloped with input from across the District, including representatives from Fresno City College, and was approved by District Technology Advisory Committee to release District-wide on Friday. 

The plan is now ready review, input and comments.  Your input and comment is valuable! You can review the plan at https://: Please provide your comments on the attached form and return the form directly to Deborah Ludford of CWP at:

A response will be provided for all input received and all comments are confidential. 

A key quote from the plan that I hope will resonate with you as much as it did with me was:

"People are at the heart of every institutional initiative. Student success is achieved through collaboration in support of strategic goals within a shared value system. A shared understanding of technology goals and initiatives serves as a foundation for informed, collective action."

I encourage each of you to provide your comments on or before January 25th.  I appreciate your time.


Dr. Carole Goldsmith



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