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Special Message: July 21, 2020

Jul 21, 2020

Office of the President

Special Message from the President

 Good afternoon Fresno City College colleagues,

With the fall semester rapidly approaching, many still have lingering concerns and anxieties.  The most recent question I have been getting is, “How does the Governor's ruling about K-12 impact us?” The answer is complicated, so that’s why this message is a little long.

Let me begin with an expression of sincere gratitude and acknowledgment of how much work you all are doing to prepare for the Fall semester.

I want to personally thank the leadership of the Academic Senate for participating in the bi-weekly COVID Response Leadership Team sessions. Thanks to all of our faculty who participated in the online Basic Distance Education trainings and other professional development opportunities to prepare for excellent teaching this Fall amidst very difficult circumstances and multiple challenges. We know that your efforts to maintain academic rigor and creativity in our new remote reality have demonstrated your dedication to our students.

I also want to personally thank the leadership of the Classified Senate for also participating in the bi-weekly sessions. Our classified professionals are working alongside our faculty and administrators in the midst of this pandemic and ever-changing protocols.  Your efforts to help plan for a successful Fall semester do not go unnoticed as we face uncertainty together.

 “How does the Governor's ruling about K-12 impact us?

First, we are in a different stage of reopening than K-12.  Higher education is a Stage 3 sector; whereas our K-12 colleagues are in a Stage 2 sector.  Now that the State has provided additional guidance and direction to K-12 schools and districts, I suspect that we will be receiving additional guidance and direction from the State within a few weeks.

Regardless of any future governmental guidance for colleges, we know that the latest decision by the Governor, which directs our K-12 schools to remain remote until we see our County COVID rates decline, has a direct impact on many of you and our students. Parents, grandparents and caregivers may have child care issues or will be taking a more active role in the education of their children.  

It also means we must continue to follow the advice of public health officials and pediatricians who have asked us to wear a face covering. There are many who wish to debate the science, argue the effectiveness, and claim their rights are being violated. As an educator, I support their right to say those things. As a parent, however, I want them to wear their mask as they are saying it. So please, follow the guidance – wear a mask, wash your hands and limit your gatherings.  If we all can do this, we can perhaps get back to normal sooner.

What are we doing for Fall?

We are continuing, for now, with our current cautious plan.  If we need to adjust our plans due to evolving health conditions, we will do so.  The trajectory of the virus continues to be cause for caution.

We all had hoped for more favorable circumstances as we headed into the Fall semester.  However, you know, COVID-19 is surging in California and many other states. Our Recovery and Return Taskforce has planned for many possibilities as we continue to work together with Fresno County Health officials to do our part in ensuring the safety of our community.  Additionally, we have utilized the California Chancellor’s Office recently released guidelines for the safe reopening of our hard to convert activities like laboratory, performing arts, and health conditioning classes.

Since March, we have continued our first responder – police, fire, nursing, EMT, and healthcare programs.  We have done so without incident.  This feat speaks volumes to the dedication that faculty, staff and students have to adhere to the new rules.  These programs will continue this Fall to operate in a hybrid format.

Earlier this summer, with guidance from County Public health officials, our CTE faculty and administration planned for the safe return of a number of programs deemed essential by the State of California.  The return to on-ground instruction of these programs has remained successful and safe.  We plan to continue to offer these programs in the fall.

What are we doing with the Child Development Center this Fall?

This is one area of our institution where the Governor’s decision has direct impact.  We will be following the Governor’s direction to continue our child development program in an online format.  The faculty and staff of the CDC have worked tirelessly with public health to devise a plan for the safe return of our youngest students.  When the community conditions improve, we will implement their well thought out plan for return to on-site programming.  Until then, the center staff will continue to engage our students and families using remote technologies.

Working together for a successful Fall

I share your confidence in our collective ability to provide exceptional educational experiences and superior student support services, even during these uncertain times. For our students, their families, and our community, we understand how important it is to succeed in our efforts to continue to provide a sense of normalcy and hope through education.  Thank you for making your students feel welcome, included, and connected to the Fresno City College community and for helping to support and advance their educational goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns. We will continue to work with all of you as we deal with this crisis.

Dr. Carole Goldsmith and the Recovery and Return Taskforce

Taskforce Members:

  • Becky Barabe
  • Virginia Beamer
  • Donna Cooper
  • Darren Cousineau
  • Mirna Duarte
  • Keith Ford
  • Lilli Goishi-Bessey
  • Karla Kirk
  • Jennifer Laval
  • Deborah Lewis
  • Shirley McManus
  • Susi Nitzel
  • Chris Orr
  • Tressa Overstreet
  • Robert Pimentel
  • Lorraine Smith



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