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Message from the President: June 30, 2023

Jun 30, 2023

Fresno City College Staff and Students,

Yesterday, the Supreme Court’s decision on Affirmative Action created some angst on how we move forward as educational institutions.  As the nation grapples with this decision, Fresno City College supports and will continue to implement the board policies around diversity, equity, and inclusion and we will remain committed to ensuring that we are meeting the goals and objectives mentioned in the Fresno City College strategic plan and our mission and vision statements.  We remain committed to a “culture of anti-racism and creating communities of respect and inquiry that encourage student success and lifelong learning.”  We have always been committed to transforming the Central Valley by providing the best possible education to all students regardless of race, socio-economic status, and gender with the goal of transforming lives for generations to come.  At Fresno City College, we believe that diverse intellectual communities lead to academic excellence and will help our students thrive in an ever-changing economy.

For our students and families, our State Chancellor’s Office released a statement that assures all California Community College Students will continue to have full access to financial aid programs.  The State Chancellor’s Office remains committed to making available over $3 billion in state funding that will continue to help students with the costs of education.  At Fresno City College, we remain committed to working with our state chancellor’s office to make sure that their investment in our students continues to change the lives of our communities.   Some of the benefits of the affirmative action policy were to promote diversity, address historical inequalities, and enhance educational quality by ensuring a diverse environment in the classroom.  At Fresno City College, we will continue to promote the principles of this policy by striving to create an equity-centered campus that promotes student success for all students, especially those from marginalized communities. 


Dr. Robert Pimentel

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