Pre-Requisite Clearance Form

Request Clearance for a Course Prerequisite

If you believe you have met a prerequisite for an FCC course from a course taken at another college/university outside of State Center Community College District (SCCCD), you must submit a Prerequisite Clearance request to be able to register for the FCC course.

Follow the instructions on the form to complete and submit for review.

An FCC counselor will review your course(s) for possible prerequisite clearance. 


  • Download and complete form (instructions for completion are on the form).
  • Prerequisite Clearance Form
  • Email completed form from your SCCCD email account to the address indicated on the form. 

Required: Include a copy of your external transcript or other documentation showing the course you took elsewhere.

Note: Out of state and private institution courses will also require a course description from the college catalog, syllabus, or other college documents.

You should receive notification back to your SCCCD email account within 5 business days of the approval or denial of the prerequisite clearance.

Any questions, please contact the Counseling Department at 559.442.8226.